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  1. Buddy of mine has this keyboard, which I came to find out last week. I normally spend money on top end hardware, but this is built well for the price.. go Amazon. I personally have a SteelSeries Apex Pro. Also.. a couple other brands that stand up to quality are Corsair and HyperX. Razer is also good, but I'd only buy their keyboards anymore, probably a mouse, but stay away from their damn headsets.
  2. Bro.. irish coffee (Jameson) is my shit. One cup o' dat on a Monday is solid. I do only buy Starbucks beans, and I love fancy shit, too, like the extra dirty iced chai tea latte. *munchies* ffs
  3. What is your in-game name? Moop the communist What is your age? 27 What is your Steam 64 ID? STEAM_0:1:5036529 Have you been a Steam-Gamers admin before? Yes Have you been banned before in SG? No If yes, please explain more about the ban(s). Selected no, but was banned long ago for supposed scripting (I think), but it was overturned. This was back in maybe 2010. How many hours do you have in Squad? 60 What is your experience with Squad? Fairly new. I can somewhat fly heli, and adequately run squad lead. What has interested you in becoming a Server Admin? I want to help you all out with the Squad servers, and I want to return to SG with some value added. :)
  4. For me, def October. It gets nice and cool here in Oklahoma..
  5. Lol- glad you got it working. There can be a few reasons why that is happening.
  6. Never been on a cruise, but I will be taking one for my wedding anniversary.
  7. Alright. I will dig into this issue a bit more. Try disabling wireless on your router to see if you can have any improvement. And what all did you do for the steamcloud troubleshooting? In addition to that, can you do a tracert to the server IP? I am curious if you're getting any bad hops. After that try ipconfig /release ipconfig /renew ipconfig /flushdns Typically hard resetting the router gives a new IP, however. I'd recommend that before anything because that can and should wipe out any conflict.
  8. Wireless network? How many people use your network? Reset the router. Check the logs on your home router to see who uses it if it is wireless. If people are joining nearby, hide the SSID or use MAC filtering. I'd say swap your antivirus software, but I hope you've done that before trying other computers. That being said, I'd look at the network. The shitty Steamcloud causes issues to carry over sometimes, so I would look into that as well.
  9. I agree with this. I know a friend who has sold his timer to most of the good bhop servers. I've spent my time setting up bhop servers in the past, and they don't require much to maintain. I suggest flipping one of the empty servers we have and using that resource to provide for bhop.
  10. Does this happen at all when playing locally? For example, offline mode? Try that, then let me know. I'm researching this a bit. What happens when enabling vsync? What happens when you lower the resolution? Verify system files with "sfc /scannow" in an elevated cmd prompt. I can always remote into your system using webex to check a few things out if you're okay with that. here is some information I found: