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Hello every one would like to start of by saying that i am planning on purchasing a new computer :0 . my max spending limit is 900 dollars. Does any one have any good suggestions for a computer. I am doing this because i dont know much about what a good computer is now considering i am on a 7 year old computer >.> the golden key is that i can not spend more than 900 dollars so anything under that would be great.

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You can swap the XFX PSU for something cheaper, albeit not modular.


Everything I had was about $968 Canadian before taxes, meaning it'll be a hella lot cheaper in the US.


You can swap the Phenom for a i5-750 with any p55 mobo for about the same price. As for the GPU, you can spend $250 for a 6870, which comes close to the 5870 after some overclocking. If not a GTX 460 can easily overclock to the 6870 and maybe better.


If you can find a sale get the MSI GTX 460 Hawk, I would've gotten that card but it came out a month after I bought my cyclone, although the cyclone is badass. I run 1920 X 1080 maxed BC2 with 4xAA @ 45-80 fps (stock to overclocked) and it doesn't go above 55 degrees.

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