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JB_PetRocks_Prison_v1 request

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Map Suggestion

Full map name


Type of map

Prison Break

Link to map download

Additional Information

The map I have been working on and testing with members of steamgamers and made for steamgamers

Screenshots in Download


Armory, Variety of Weapons(20 CT Spawns)

8 Cells, with 3 T Spawns Each (24)

Vip Cell, with 2 T Spawns

26 Total T Spawns

Soccer with Medic

Medic on top of armoury

Disco with 4 songs








(Secret Room)

Screenshots attached


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Kk Here ya go caution... im 99.99999% sure that fixes the disco spam problem... I made the buttons Lock eachother as soon as pressed.. so others cannot be pressed... and they unlock 10 seconds after pressed.. so gotta listen to the song for at least 10 seconds b4 switching.. and they cant be played at once




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forgot link lol derp
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Soccer ball and hockey disc are a bit too heavy right now. And the map is a bit too dark for my taste. Other than that it seems like a good map.


If you were testing in single player... you forgot to set Phys_Pushscale to 900, (the Pushscale on the Server)... they fly fine if you put it at that

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