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  1. WoLF

    SG PB 2015!!!

    lol i miss playing there
  2. The new system sounds great for the applicants to get to know what they need to work on .
  3. 3ni


  4. YOYOYOYOY Kamikaze

  5. 3ni


  6. The old terrorist skin is glitched in the server still so if you are new to the server and didnt download that file you wont be able to see him, until that glitch gets completly fixed
  7. Its funny how the little santa has 2 santa hats On xD
  8. Sounds great , downloading gmod
  9. 3ni

    Where da wolf go?

  10. HZK

    Are you dead?

  11. HZK

    I sent you a link to download the fixed vmf, did you get it?