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  1. Pet Rock what happened, I don't see you on the servers anymore!!!!!??? :(

  2. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  3. Grats mang. I guess buying you sup was a good thing xD

  4. One of the main reasons im bringing this up is I have seen new players or randies that have had this happen to them leave and not come back after getting annoyed because they just wanted a deagle toss (aka they did not know about it).. plus i find it annoying...
  5. I would like something clarified, Deagle Tossing for LR. I throw my Deagle normally and pretty far... then the guy I am facing throws it slightly in the air... then knifes it while still in air and sends it across the room... I have seen this b4 and its just getting really annoying having it happen... Any chance this could get considered a Free kill unless agreed that they can do that. Honestly think that this should not be allowed and it ends up annoying ppl and some people rage quit... I have seen people do it and the reaction of the person that had it happen to them.. usually mad
  6. i love my mp5 headshot warning shot.. nothing says listen like leaving them with 1 health
  7. obv troll quick kill it with fire