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IMPORTANT: «SG» Regular and Supporter tags

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You may notice that a few people are now running around with supporter tags and regular tags that look like this:



«SG.Sup²» Do not change the format of the tag or you will be asked to remove it.



The supporter tags are reserved for our donaters and the ¹ ² shows which package they purchased. All supporters can use the tag if they wish.


The regular tag is for players who have been with us for a while and are active on the forum. These people know most admins, know the rules, and have NEVER been in trouble on our servers. Players cannot put the tag on themselves they must be told by and Admin that they can use the tag. Admins must post here on the forum the players they give the tag out to. If you make bad judgments when giving out tags you will loose the privilege to hand them out. The regular tag is a privilege so to make sure we don't have too many tags each admin will be limited to handing out 2 tags each. The AO's, BD's, VP, and myself have no limit.

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Not really when you consider that most of the regulars here are already well established, it's more like they're just officially recognizing people that have been recoginized unofficially as awesome regs for a while anyway.

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