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Subs get two map voted in JB

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I am a sub myself and feel like the subs should be able to have two voted when voting for a new map in JB, It shows that the supporters of the server get to choose what map they want to play and fel like they count more when voting... I really hope you choose to implement this into the server!

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I wouldn't want that on any server to be honest. There's a reason why everyone gets a single vote and whatever the majority picks they get to play on that map. I wouldn't like to see a small group of people dictating for the servers what map is going to be played on next since it seems unfair to the rest of the players, its a "democratic" voting system after all.

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Literally makes no sense to do this. Everyone deserves a fair chance in votes and in no way should it be tweaked to satisfy one set of group over everyone else. That's why the term equality exists.

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If a sub gets 2 votes that would be very unfair to others... Not only to other regulars but also for new players on the server.

At worst it would scare people of to join the server again.

And like Leon said its not very democratic, it would just be buying slots for the votes.

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