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  1. Hey @20 scrollsyou and @Adventistare really good at retakes 

    1. 20 scrolls
    2. Matas.matux1


      Hopes its this year 

      edit - i mean this week

  2. Forgot to say I'm drawing the winners on March 8th. Now's the best time to enter if you haven't had the chance yet!
  3. Please tell me you don't actually like Jessica Jones :wutface:

    1. Chad



    2. Black Rain

      Black Rain

      how bored are you with your life





    3. Chad


      I guess very bored





  4. Someone should try to apply a flip knife model to it or anything. Some random Russian server I stumbled upon one time was able to make it work for their store. Too bad I can't read Russian for my life to know what the fuck it says on their menus...
  5. 14 years and we are still here going strong! This would not have been possible without you, the community, members across the world throughout all these years that have been supporting and representing SG online. A very big thank you to @Haggard the founder of SG, and thank you to @Atarian, the genius behind the forums. It’s the year 2021 and we are just getting started! Let’s kick off this anniversary with some amazing giveaways. Everyone is welcome to enter and the only way to enter this raffle is to simply thank this post. We’re giving away the prizes below: 1 month of Elite Supporter 1 month of Premium Supporter 1 month of Basic Supporter 10,000 Store Credits CS:GO Skin: M4A1 | Printstream (Battle-Scarred) CS:GO Skin: AK-47 | Legion of Anubis (Field Tested) Thank you again to everyone apart of Steam Gamers! Here’s to another 14 years!
  6. Hey, it's me. I just wanna let you know I had a really good time tonight. You was smelling good, looking good. You got my attention for real. I don't wanna let you think that you got it. I know you got guys and all that, but I like you, and I wanna see some more of you.

    1. Black Rain

      Black Rain


      bai :3

    2. Chad


      Okay :feelsbadman:

  7. and then 20% of SG is older than SG which makes us the daycare workers e.e
  8. Black Rain

    GIFs in #general

    I mean I'm not illiterate but yeah it's a means of having some fun shitposting besides showing some type of reaction to a moment in conversation. Tbf we use gifs about 99% of time in Staff Discord to shitpost, so we're very obnoxious with it. The 1% is Bom using it to show how he's reacting
  9. Best admin

  10. I swear I said more shit to troll you didn't I? :3 Just gonna give you a salute for taking one for the team. Enjoy your perm.
  11. Hey man, I know you're dying to meet BDs to play with them, which is why you constantly tag us, but the likelihood of any of us being available to play is lower than you try to bait lol. Hope you enjoy the event though because you got enough admins who are ready to abuse you. All admins have my permission AND blessing to abuse admin commands on him
  12. Sorry we didn't bring this up sooner, but due to the extremely low participation rate for challenge weeks Bom decided to cancel this event. He meant to announce it sooner, but he had other tasks that were of higher priority to SG.