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  1. Although we don't talk anymore you still have a special place in my heart ❤️ Thank you for everything BR. Enjoy the retirement.

  2. Goodbye Rain,

    I hope Titans season 4 comes out better. 

  3. It’s been a helluva rollercoaster ride here at SG. I don’t think it’s said enough but literally everyone that is a part of Steam Gamers deserves a huge thank you. You don’t have to be a staff member here to create change; there are plenty of people here who are content with being a regular member that are involved in some way that helps with the growth of this community. You’re all contributing to the community in some way; you can play on the servers, you can help support the community by donating to help keep the place running, offer to help in some manner, or you can make suggestions and share ideas you have. Each one of you has shaped this community in some way or form that it exists today because of you. I want to personally thank each one of you from the bottom of my heart. I’ve been a member of the community for a decade now (ignore the forum date). I remember I found SG because of the Minigames server. I hopped on because the map was mg_south_park and I’m a sucker for South Park. I ended up staying because I didn’t know I’d have so much fun over a simple map. It led me to learning about other cool maps like re_skybunker and mg_speed_domination. Over the years I rotated between the other numerous servers SG had to offer back in CS:S. For someone who has stuck around for 10 years in the community, I believe that all my interactions with the many people that I’ve come across here has helped shaped me as a person as well. I know that sounds funny to read but we’re all on a gaming platform socializing with each other that it becomes a part of our lives and it’s incorporated into our daily routine to come back here so often. There is something charismatic about this place and the people who engage in it. Whether it’s for better or worse, words can’t explain how much I’ve seen this place change in 10 years. I wouldn’t be standing here as a Director of the community without the people who believed in my work as a CA that allowed me to transition to AO and eventually BD. The people who vouched for me know exactly who they are, so they are a part of my journey here and I thank them for trusting me. My time in SG has led me to coming across so many damn people that it would be absurdly long to list how each person has been influential in some way. I won’t be listing names because I don’t feel it’s fair to everyone and I don’t want anyone to feel left out because of it. Just know that I had the pleasure of getting to know you in some form; whether it was in voice on TS/Discord, playing on the servers, interacting on the forums, helping you whenever you had a question for me, etc. It’s obviously no secret that we all have our fair share of people we’ve come across that we can dislike, but it doesn’t mean I don’t acknowledge you for what you brought to the table, and I respect it and you for it. If you recognize me and we interacted in some way, I just want you to know that I cherish the memories we made together, and that I’m happy we met here in Steam Gamers. Thank you for the love. Don’t give up on Steam Gamers. I’ve been a member of multiple communities across different games, and one problem I’ve seen is that most communities don’t last as long as SG has. I want to be able to come back here in another 10 years and see how far it's made it. Will I return once again for a hat trick? Only time will tell. In the meantime, please don’t give on up this place.
  4. you're a menace to society Sometimes I listen to film scores or TV show scores when I can't sleep because they're pretty relaxing for me. Other times I listen to them during the day to get work done if I'm at my desk for hours. Rest of the time is all lyrical stuff because I won't ever get work done or sleep if I'm enjoying a song when singing along lmao; same goes for EDM/trance tracks without lyrics. I've been listening to the Succession OSTs lately because they're sooooo good. I've tried the Calm app for sleep stories and some worked. My favorite two from Calm are The Glacier Express voiced by Chiké Okonkwo and Dream with Me voiced by Harry Styles.
  5. Gonna scratch this plan and stick to what we currently have. It didn't really seem to resonate with people and it's not going to make a difference for the time-being.
  6. KF2 July 7th don't you forget because I will LOL
  7. You guys ruined my childhood #LightyearSweep #LightyearSweep #LightyearSweep #LightyearSweep #LightyearSweep #LightyearSweep #LightyearSweep #LightyearSweep #LightyearSweep #LightyearSweep #LightyearSweep #LightyearSweep #LightyearSweep #LightyearSweep #LightyearSweep #LightyearSweep #LightyearSweep #LightyearSweep #LightyearSweep #LightyearSweep #LightyearSweep
  8. Specifically our agenda is going to be re-iterating what we've been saying these past few weeks from the multiple posts & threads regarding the current state of the community and what we've done so far. A topic I will bring up is re-working the current admin application system as Greg and I are planning to convert the current system to server-specific admins. Only have the barebones right now because I haven't had a chance to draft up a proper outline and I'm finally free from my studies for a few months lol (blesssss) This meeting is mainly for you guys to talk to us about anything so we know and understand what you're all thinking since time has passed. We were hoping to see any topics brought up so we could go over it beforehand but it's going to look like it'll happen on the spot
  9. hi just saying... unless you people are shy to bring up something that we can discuss smh. otherwise just expect it to be mainly a Q&A thing
  10. Hey everyone, We're having a community meeting on June 18, 2022 at 5 PM Eastern. We highly encourage you to attend if possible. We know there's a lot to discuss and the purpose of this meeting is to hear your voices. If there are any topics of interest then comment below and we'll go over it on the agenda. We might not be able to answer all, but we'll note the ones that require our attention and discuss those during the meeting. This will provide us an opportunity to effectively communicate with each other through voice. You can expect us to dive deeper into future plans as we have some interesting things planned in the coming weeks. If you are unable to attend, we'll be sure to have someone record and upload the meeting. Think of the stuff you'd like to talk and we'll see you there! P.S. Punch & pie provided by the new errand boy named @TheZZL
  11. Hopefully, this time he'll find the logs. His other name changes are a lie so please join me in welcoming back LampShade to Server Manager! His new responsibilities will include: Verify that servers are operational Reboot dead/lagged servers Assist in training new admins Search for new maps for all servers Upload maps to the servers and fast downloads site Edit map lists & rotations Oh, and Greggy G is now back to being in his dedicated support role of Lead Server Manager. Congrats everyone!
  12. CHARLIE IS ORANGE. HAWKS IS EXTREMELY FUCKED. SHE'S MANAGING TTT ALONGSIDE HUNTER. PLEASE WELCOME HER IN HER NEW RANK. Her new responsibilities will include: Verify that servers are operational Reboot dead/lagged servers Assist in training new admins Search for new maps for all servers Upload maps to the servers and fast downloads site Edit map lists & rotations THANK YOU FOR READINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG
  13. The real April fool's is you're still here in SG