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  1. First funtage I made since the game released. Been having a lot of fun playing this with people in the community. I recommend getting this game if you're bored and want something new to try. I look forward to seeing more CoD clips from people who have been recording their gameplay. People in the video: @ImHunterIRL @phoenix_ @Error. @Cept For Her @Creten @TheZZL @Roudy @Happy Man @Crow @PHNX @Polarzz Notable mentions: @Greggy G @Kieran I'll have part 2 up in a week or so because I still got more content to review. Hope you guys enjoy lol
  2. I'm gonna go see it in theaters for support. I have HBO Max but I'll enjoy it more on a bigger screen. Might go see it in LieMAX but not sure yet. Probably will just end up at standard format if anything.
  3. This is exactly why the proposed system is an issue; it comes off as gambling for people that do spend money to buy credits. We allow for credits to be purchasable through specific packages. Before anyone says, “just remove the ability to buy them,” well the answer would be no. We still receive donations for credits from people within the community and that money is used to help fund the upkeep of SG servers every month. I get that people have tons of credits and want to use them, but the Marketing Team is working with ideas to make credits come off as more valuable than they currently seem. It requires some tweaking to the multiplier system, along with the aide of LSMs and SMs to figure out how to improve the value of the “currency” for store items. Besides that, raffle points and credits are two separate entities for a reason, however, the way to earn them is the same concept except for one method. With raffle points, you need to play on the servers to earn them. With credits, you need to play on the servers to earn them but can also pay money to receive a specific amount. Barring the latter half of how to earn credits, the concept is the same thing; you need to play on the servers long enough to earn them, right? That should be an indicator that if people want more points, then just play on the servers as much as you can. I understand not everyone has the same amount of time on their hands, but the reasons behind playtime for either intangible items are so that it encourages people to play on our servers and it benefits our population across all servers which keep our servers thriving. If one reason is that people could max out on tickets for supporter tiers - Well to be fair, if such a system was implemented, then it would lessen the value of credits even more than it currently feels like for many people. People would freely convert the credits as much as they want and wouldn’t have to put the same time and effort they normally do just to buy tickets because they’re earning both the same ways for a raffle system. It simply can’t go both ways imo. I could also tweak the raffle point costs per tier if I wanted to, but I choose not to because as you go higher in tiers the ticket purchases are much costlier and require people to play more just to max out on tickets. I don’t want to impose on our players and make it seem like a never-ending chore to grind, especially those who are Elite Supporters, and because not everyone has that much time to commit daily. The current cost of tickets across all raffles is what I determine to be fair. The higher the tier, the more costly the tickets to create a fair and balanced opportunity for all. Just for argument’s sake say we did approach this system, it requires a complete overhaul on both the raffle and store systems. We don't know how long that would take and I guarantee you it would take a very long time. However, I find that to be a big waste of time for Liam Brown (he made both plugins from scratch) when he’s got other important technical work on his plate for SG. In conclusion, the reason why we wouldn't do this is mainly because of the reason I wrote in the first paragraph.
  4. what the hell happened on the 5th 

    1. Black Rain

      Black Rain

      Guy Fawkes happened

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    im still kinda heart broken charlie doesn't like milk... like that's the one thing we disagree on in life
  6. Soooo who bought the game? Any of you interested in buying it? December better not have another delay >:[
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  8. RIP to another Bond legend.