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  1. alright so who screamed like a little girl? please tell me someone freaked out in voice chat
  2. All winners have been awarded their prizes
  4. There is a tie between 2 timings so below is the new poll to determine the final date Error will host it on. New poll up:
  5. Sorry everyone, I am unable to host this event because I have a busy week, but I didn't want y'all to wait a week for this. @Error. has offered to host the movie instead so give him a big thanks for this movie event! Thank you, Error! If you haven't voted yet, please vote here on upcoming movies you'd be interested in seeing. I have a poll up for the date and time and will go with the choice that has the most votes. In the event of a tie, I'll toss up another poll for you all to vote on. The current poll will close on Thursday, June 3rd so please make sure you vote in time! I'm sorry for the short notice on the poll When? Saturday, June 5th @ 10 EDT Where? We'll be using Discord to watch the movie and hang out in the voice chat. If you aren't in the SG Discord, click on the icon below to join! Don't forget to join our official Steam group for updates on events by clicking on the SG logo below!
  6. Teams are locked! Good luck to all the teams and have fun everyone! GAME ON!
  7. Today is the LAST day to choose a team to represent. Make sure you're wearing your team ribbon and you're in the appropriate team club. I see people who haven't enabled it yet. If you're not wearing a ribbon then I can't enter you in the giveaways! Once again, below is a guide on how to join a team of your choice. I will be locking the teams at 12 AM EST
  8. until
  9. Thank you @crazedkangaroo and @miche for the banner! Ayyy it's time Welcome to the SG Race to the Top and things are about to get spicy! Summertime is just around the corner and it is time to bring back a glorious event filled with friendly competition and banter across a set of SG servers. The teams for this year are Jailbreak, Minigames, Trouble in Terrorist Town, and Zombie Escape. Starting May 28th, we're having an official race to see which of JB, MG, TTT, and ZE can dominate by reaching the highest in the global ranks by July 31st. Here's where YOU come in: we're going to let each one of you pick a server to "represent", and from there join the official server team to DUKE IT OUT! The Team Challenge On the forums, follow these steps to join Team JB, Team MG, Team TTT, or Team ZE: (Guests: Please make a forum account to participate!) Go to the User CP screen (click the arrow next to your name at the top right of the page) Click "Profile" in the list On the top right corner of your Cover Photo click on “Edit Profile” Scroll down to Race to the Top and a list of all teams will be visible. Select a team and hit save Join the forum clubs by clicking on the links below Team JB | Team MG | Team TTT | Team ZE You’re welcome to join all 4 clubs, but the team you choose on your profile will represent the one you’re on. You MUST join the club of the team you selected from your profile to be qualified for prizes. ** Team selections will be locked in after one week. Afterwards, you will not be able to switch - so choose carefully! ** From there, you'll get a special server ribbon made by @miche The team-designated forum clubs will allow you to coordinate population for your server and make suggestions for the higher ups on your team to help with! Your team group is also the place for any questions about the contest. Teams will be tracked on the forums primarily, though there might be a steam group to join as well if Server Managers choose to utilize them. What you can WIN To honor the winners of this competition - all players from the winning team will be entered into a draw to win a bunch of cool prizes. One lucky winner will be randomly selected to win the grand prize! GRAND PRIZE ★ Hydra Gloves | Case Hardened (Well-Worn) Other cool prizes include: WEAPON SKINS RAFFLE AND STORE POINTS SUPPORTER PRIZES, AND STEAM GAMES! And don't worry, the other three teams won't leave empty handed. Five lucky players from each team will win a couple of awesome prizes as well! DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES? Get all of your friends on the servers to win it for YOUR TEAM! Spread the message, and represent your team on the forums, on steam and in-game! We wanna see a #Team JB, #Team MG, #Team TTT, or #Team ZE in your Steam name! GAME ON GAMERS! THANK YOU @Gator FOR FIXING THE RIBBONS ON THE FORUMS!!!! WASN'T POSSIBLE WITHOUT YOU MAN
  10. we don't talk about it...
  11. Lmaoooo that was so stuuuuuuuuuuuupid. At least the final mission in Shattered Web was better than this crap. You called it a running simulator at the end, and it definitely was, but at least it was better than that tank crap we did The operation itself was a snoozefest and the same redundant cycle of challenges. Nothing fresh, nothing exciting... NADA. I buy every operation just to get the coin and to make my money back with extras on top of that. I invested mostly in cases, bought two Darryl skins, and tried my luck in each new gun collection. I also tried 1 patch and 1 sticker collection but skipped the rest since they were not worth the operation stars. The cases are worth the investment because I'm going to sell them in a year or two when the value rises due to the amount circulating the market by then.
  12. this shit was so annoying to deal with in public lobbies during scream fortress idk we'll see. I don't have my hopes up high but if the devs deliver then @Greggy G @Acer @Poke
  13. wheres the cod video :dontcare:

    1. Black Rain

      Black Rain

      I'm not in the mood to do any video editing work

  14. At least we don't have to do perms again
  15. @markisun35A REAL LEGEND Thanks to @Nate. @thuxys @euro @crazedkangaroo @John @Trazz @BoM @Gator and @williamc_d for all the help on Awards 2.0