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  1. I'm gonna RDM Creten but don't tell him
  2. 9/19/21 General Gaming Subforum Changes Retired Subforums - all threads in these subforums have been moved to General Gaming Cyberpunk 2077 DayZ Destiny 2 Grand Theft Auto V & FiveM Sea of Thieves Latest additions: Back 4 Blood Battlefield 2042 New World FPS - First Person Shooter Subforum Changes Latest additions: Call of Duty: Vanguard (under Call of Duty subforum) Servers Subforum Changes Retired Subforums (CS:GO): 1v1 Crackhouse FFA KZ Scrim Added Banned and Rejected sections to Scrim Strikes
  3. Thank you for not forgetting me! ❤

  4. the show kinda fast paced but its good 

    1. Black Rain

      Black Rain

      Blackfire is hilarious af lmaooo


      I miss Hank's charisma though :(his presence, funny comments, and baddassery is missed. Didn't need to be Hawk to exist for me but I should've figured he's gonna die because I forgot Alan Ritchson is the new Jack Reacher. I kept thinking Dawn would die this season 


      Kinda dumb how we have to wait till episode 9 for Raven + Donna shit to pop up. Scarecrow & Red Hood storyline ate more than half of the season's episodes and the Starfire + Blackfire storyline just feels so short rn


      Also wtf @ Oracle. It looks like Brother Eye. No fucking wonder why Beast Boy still hasn't shifted into more than just a tiger again. Looks like all the budget went into that shit LMAO



  5. I'm playing this tonight so if y'all wanna have fun destroying Black Rain as Hale in TF2 then show up otherwise Prison Mike is coming to get you obligatory ping for @Greggy G @Reid99 @Acer
  6. host a 144p movie on my birthday please :yep:

    1. Black Rain

      Black Rain

      u craeeee


      what movie :O you pick

  7. In thuxys' original post, bottom right corner you'll see this heart Click it
  8. from the start date till end date lmao
  9. OK SHIT ABOUT TO GET CRAZIER @Mikey. is on a spending spree and donating MORE to the event 5 more prizes are up for grabs and winners will be randomly chosen! (4x) Steam game(s) or game skin(s) up to $20 in value M4A1-S | Hyper Beast (Field-Tested) Now you have more chances to win something just by playing and/or spectating! THANK U MR MIKEY
  10. Cry Macho trailer released King Richard trailer released The Matrix 4 will appear in the coming months.