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There is probably a good reason that this isn't implemented but I thought I'd suggest it. Currently, I have 51,851 credits that I use on absolutely nothing. It'd be great if I could maybe give a few to people who wanna buy something or maybe someone is short a few credits. All you need is a command like /pay [player] [amount] and then people could give each other credits. It seems pretty harmless to add and I'd love to see it become a thing.

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Suggestion has been made numerous times in the past. The result is still most likely no lol. Defeats the purpose of earning credits to buy the items you want by logging on hours on servers and defeats the purpose of donating for credits (dunno if people do this anymore). Plus I think Xeno mentioned to us in a meeting how it's a pain in the ass to keep track of who has how many credits with a give system.

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