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Duck game

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I seriously wish more people knew about this game. By far one of my favorite games ever.

It's so intense, fast paced and insanely fun. Only 5 of my steam friends have the game which I can understand

due to the quite high price, but it is by far worth it at least in my opinion. I've played it multiple times with friends locally on a TV screen, and I cant see it being any more dull online. Specially with the amount of mods released for it.

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$13.00 is a super low price for something I can enjoy for days.


People that think that games should be SUPER cheap don't appreciate the developers and amount of time you will most likely spend having fun on their game.


With that being said, I might buy it. :d

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Wanna fight @Post? Let's gooo.. not right now though... I got the game for a while already but there's no one to play this with, well you are now. Don't hesitate to invite me whenever you are ready for it big boi.


I've had the game for around a year I think. Only got around to play it for the first time around christmas. The game is just so much fun ;-; Would be best if we got 4 players though ;D Thats when its the most fun!


Im up for a 1v1 challenge anyhow :^)


My birthday is coming up. I might end up buying a 4-pack of Duck game with some of the money I will get, and give it away through some sort of giveaway or people who are actually interested in playing.

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Now, I'm a fan of most adult swim games, but this game is literally SSB with ducks with an Instagib mod turned on.


Not worth 13 dollars IMO, but it's fun as fuck.

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