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    Not so sure it's a bug, I saw Caution their profile before it was gone and those certain people minus repped a post last night. Maybe he was just testing settings with it or possibly a bug, not really sure. I did happen to notice that the people who lost their rep have some good posts though, if you guys wanna look through their content it's definitely worth considering giving them some rep for it.
  2. Maybe trailer tries to conceil it or is misdirecting but I don't think Iron Man is going to die in endgame now. Probably Captain America, which is my favorite character and I'd actually cry.
  3. All Ts

    Coming out

    What if I was telling the truth
  4. Spent 5 seconds looking. Celeste is 14.99
  5. I said you were my favorite don't make a fool out of me.
  6. A lot of these ideas are completely counter productive to keeping order on the server, some are things that might have to happen if the server ever hopes to sit at rank 20 or under. The warden system, queue system, are decent ideas that in the past were on the radar. Ideas like removing warning shots, allowing forced deathgames, making rounds longer change the identity of the server way too radically and IMO will lead to worse problems than now.
  7. name: lulu Animal:corgi loved by: michelle the corgi this is my chance
  8. All Ts

    Captain Marvel

    im probably gonna give it a shot by myself, but I think the whole guardians thing with the director tweeting shit turned captain marvel into this crazy "im with HER" type-movie to make themselves seem culturally aware and moral. the bad thing is that captain marvel, black panther, antman and the rest of those newer characters are supposed to represent the new chapter of the MCU in some way and I'm just hoping I can get through Endgame and if the rest of the movies are trash then endgame wraps all of the movies up with a nice bow.
  10. My two candidates for 2020 are 54% @ Ben Shapiro and Michelle Obama.. name a more iconic duo.
  11. I just want a lovey romantic drawing from my girlfriend. :-(
  12. I don't think this is a terrible idea if we're trying to retain as many players as possible and if the server gets to rank 20 or under. I lowered JB down to 42 cause it was genuinely becoming a clusterfuck and I didn't want to sacrifice too much fun for the amount of players. My personal worry if anything like this ever happened is that I don't see people being able to execute it properly without being a bit silly about making things different or trying to be creative without thinking about how it might impede fun. I could also see what Dominic mentions coming into play in that certain players make the server fun so if someone sees someone like @Gumline on "JB #1" then "JB #2" might turn into a server with the people who can't play on #1, then they might think it's not worth it to play and less fun overall. Right now JB should focus on pushing changes out that mitigate the things you mentioned and recruit a strong community with regulars, admins, and higher-staff. Let me tack to the end that I still think at the very least certain SG servers should be prime as it exposes the players to way too much shit to deal with.
  13. He's afraid of getting his 80 IQ exposed and taken off the staff team.
  14. The real question is why this was posted in Spam Central. We should have rudimentary IQ tests for staff positions.