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  1. Usually when someone wants to mass freekill they just hold left click for a few seconds. It's not really all that difficult to kill a bunch of unarmed players who are frozen in place or inside a small area. I don't see how this changes anything but inconveniencing the 90% of players on CT side who don't use them like this & having it mess up the balance on the server. Why don't we nerf AK47? Why don't we nerf Negev?
  2. The LR plugin is extremely buggy. Feel like it being completely recoded or reverted to an older/more stable version might be best. Map fixes/edits/removals and as someone else stated- extending the FO plugin is probably a good idea. Removing unfun maps to not require people to RTV unfun shit & having maps that fit SG's more deathmatch style gameplay is generally always what I liked to do. When we added FO it was supposed to be a way for the player base to get over their unreasonable phobia of a warden system while we figured out how to make a better system than the warden systems the other servers used (because even we weren't fully convinced). 2020-2021 I learned Hammer WAY better than I had ever previously and I wish I had got more into using it & stripper configs when I was managing JB. New event ideas possibly using custom-made plugins rather than recycling the same 2-3 events we ran in 2017 could be cool. If you checkout some of the other servers they really enrich JB gameplay by adding some MG aspects to it with plugins. We had some very early non intrusive voting-style ideas for this in one of the JB Rework threads we made back whenever ago, might be looking at.
  3. Hey, hope you're doing well these days Hunter and these threads are always a good way to get feedback especially if you frequently ask for it. I'm sure TTT players who care will give you it. All of it isn't gonna be great but, oh well. I pointed this out like a dozen times in the past but the ruleset on this server is severely flawed and incomplete. For a time on the server it was just regulars/admins jerking each other off creating never-ending RDM chains & the management at the times solution was to do literally nothing about it but add useless content that no one ever really asked for. I suggested stuff like straight up making T-baiting against the rules for innocents and being stricter to how rules were applied. The changes to karma I also thought were silly, I felt like people could be better rewarded for their time on the server & that having a little number to indicate that wasn't such a huge deal. People liked it when it was on the server, especially when events were connected to it & it showed. These among other ideas were not popular. I think the reason was keeping the server content fluid roleplay wise, which I disagreed with. Jailbreak without rules would just be CS:GO with cells for example, so I didn't believe that creating a more rigid environment destroys the roleplay aspect or restricts people's fun. Most important thing to understand is that if someone joins and experiences any bullshit, they're going to straight-up leave a lot of the time. It doesn't matter what map your on, how many items you offer, how complex and rewarding the karma system is. The rules & structure of the server, especially with staff possibly being scarce during a startup period could kill it. The very best managers of this server, some friends of mine have been terrible at managing all of the above which creates more or less a natural limit to the player # when shit gets intolerable & chaotic. Not saying that the role of any one server manager is to buff up #'s in player count but generally speaking if no one is playing, the server probably sucks. I tried to argue the state of the server was unsustainable back when but when everything is going decent people are complacent & can blame shit management & bad numbers on things that have nothing to do with underperformance... like school, CS:GO trending down (which isn't true), or the way the winds blowing. It's great to have devs to create stuff for a server, but when the problems with a server on the base level are just that it isn't fun it starts to come down to the fact that server managers themselves are and have kinda always been pretty bad at listening to their players & maintaining a rule-breaker free, fun environment. The server managers get to design their own little games within the limits of SourceMod, but a lot of them don't really bother to do that. They spend time worrying about looking like they're doing things making 25 changelog posts or fixing things they break because there's always been little oversight over what the managers themselves are doing or people assisting them in their growing pains while they learn. Broken models. Maps not uploaded properly. Rules that make no sense. Plugins that are completely broken, and stay broken for months. The list goes on. First stuff we took as precedent when myself, Nimmy, Dominic, Delirium, etc. got ahold of Jailbreak was putting systems in place to make it less chaotic. Rebuffing rules, and making plugins to create more structure and lighten the load on staff. Considering the server beat out every single JB server at the time (70's on GT) other than I believe one other way larger community with a way higher slot-size and highly structured environment I considered it a huge success & thought it was fun as hell. Even more proud that it was the last server to be on it's knees as SG has died down as of late. We got offered a sponsorship from a Esports arm of a NBA org which considering none of us had any remote clue what we were doing in hindsight is really funny. Look at the way places like eGo do things ruleset wise considering they're one of the only US based TTT CS:GO servers left, take some community feedback into account, run events & create systems to lessen the bullshit people have to deal with when they log on. Content should only come after the existing server is stable IMO. Best wishes.
  4. next time i am there to cast an SG scrim that shit was probably hilarious & fun
  5. I had some good thoughts and I do miss Jailbreak in general. Any map that is letting the T's get fucked straight from main cell is just a bad map. So if you're ever on a map like that suggest a removal, edit, and RTV that shit FAST. Weapons and stuff can be stripper cfg'd into maps or maps themselves can be edited fairly easily (if nothing breaks). T's usually win greater than 70% of the time so I'm not even sure if the argument has any actual footing or stats behind it. I think even if it happens a few times it could still be an issue so... there could maybe be some solutions to stop it: I think the solution proposed here about making the deathgame timer shorter is really only going to make things worse though... If the T's don't get to play the map because a rule is not being followed (repeating orders), making them not able to play the map because they'll be shuffled off to a deathgame to die sooner seems like a bad way to fix that. Also, don't freedays LET people play the map? Freedays= Let people play the map to its max. Nazi Orders= Stare at wall till 3:00 then die like dogs. Too many freedays are boring 100% loss for CT's. Too little freedays makes you have no fun at all. This is why repeating orders is AGAINST the rules and you're supposed to give new orders periodically. Moving Prisoners implies risk. Way back (2016-ish) a lot of us pushed up against deathgames being added. Caution and Delirium were literally on JB putting people in Isolation and playing fish in a barrel with them from round start, it was funny. If deathgames are allowed 3 minutes or more from the time of Round Start, I think that should get rid of a lot of the fuckery involved and give people a chance to rebel. If people aren't rebelling the server will feel more cancer annoying to play for sure. I think it's a failure of people following the rules if serial freedays (repeating orders) or strict orders that have someone facing a wall or being in a pit for minutes is happening too often tho. These 2 things heavily exacerbate the issue and aren't fun. One of them is against the rules though, the other isn't. T's are allowed to play like pussies or be assholes at the peril of their own teammates up until they're teamkilling them. I honestly haven't experienced feeling so oppressed by the CT's that a rule change would be necessary. Something I've seen a lot of, and experienced the handful of times I log on is that I will give an actual order, and some random kid conflicts it giving a freeday (repeat that 20x) while telling me he's allowed to do that. Actual orders ALWAYS supersede Freedays. These are people I've seen apply for admin, make forums accounts, who regularly play the server and have friend groups around the server. When I see that or see threads that are asking about something that is included in the rules it makes me feel like the playerbase is so scattered that there is just no respect around the structure of the server. People log on and loosely follow the rules, then you just have 20 people who have their own version of the rules in their head hurting people's fun. Rules are not there to inhibit fun, and should be used sparingly to create a better RP or allow for creativity but- they should also be followed. I think a reasonable solution to this is greater scrutiny on people doing these things. If it bothers you, make these threads, become an admin/report people and you'll be able to enforce the rules that were made to keep everyone having fun. Bad maps being removed or edited keeps things fun too. I'm the kind of guy who will rebel from before the first order was given because I've played long enough to know that after the first order the guards just surround you and your chance drops significantly unless you find an amazing angle. People serially vote for Razor because it's fair/fun this way, straight from your cell many of you and your teammates have been given opportunity. Razor is never NOT fun whether your teammates are shit or the CT's are KGB. Thank you for reading my thesis on JB.
  6. TLDR~ People need to start being actually punished for giving repeat orders
  7. I say this with little sarcasm but him and most of the new "JB regs" go on and constantly break the rules & mic spam every single time I get on there. Constantly telling people they have to slay, making up rules, and so on. It's not really a stretch that there out of like 30 people on any given server you're gonna have 1 cheater tbh. Cheating on CS:GO is easy and idk how the game is still taken seriously outside leagues and so on. Really easy to ruin game for others.
  8. @Creten Yo just tell him you don't need his help save this man the headache.
  9. CS:GO opened the floodgates going free to play, and there isn't a ton that SG could do about it. People can circumvent IP Bans using VPN's and can simply cheat on another account. I had originally suggested putting some # of hours type filter to avoid alternate accounts creating problems.
  10. how do we know this thread is even real tbh?
  11. Had to post this to meme lol. This and few other similar changes as mentioned could make sg more friendly and maybe marketable if that is the goal. Banning words vs. Harassment itself and dealing with people skirting or just being fucking psychopaths reporting one another for every little thing is probably the most annoying thing about or behind these rules. Personally I have never really cared about the word, I know that a lot of people definitely wouldn't appreciate being called it and would probably expect there to be a rule against it. Can't just pretend like those people do not exist. People don't like change, I was against Discord when it was proposed and now it's a huge platform that would be dumb not to have. This will likely be fine, albeit being potentially annoying as the word list gets longer and people create more paper to push.
  12. Just because they're casual servers doesn't make it any less frustrating when you get owned because an admin on a thread argued towards having a minecraft steve hat. Something doesn't have to produce enraging side effects and make someone want to leave for someone's suggestion to be worthwhile or considered lol.
  13. The post wasn't just about you, I wrote maybe one-two sentences about you. Okay, so if the screwing around makes things fun then where is the limit. That's what is being argued. On Jailbreak we decided there were plenty of things that were completely bullshit mechanics that shouldn't be in the game. For example, we decided much unlike servers like eGO that AFK freezing was not going to be something we allowed. AFK freezing was giving people the option for people to grief one another in a way that would have been hard to control or enforce with any kind of supplemental or small rule change so we nuked it off of the server completely. If you want to stand on principle and start the AFK freeze thread be my guest, the same way I'd be super entertained to see any manager in their right mind entertain the idea that teaming has it's place in the game mode and like others said "should be enforced or removed." In what world? The server is at one of it's lowest points in a long time. This is despite an event designed to boost all servers, COVID locking people down, CS:GO climbing to heights it's never been at before. This could be entirely coincidental but I don't really think it is and I think issues like this are contributing factors. So you can throw out all of these very vague theories but my theory is "hey guys look the way you're doing it is not going to work, and here is why", so you can either argue the merits of what I'm saying or agree to disagree. You're right, this is staff endorsed and more of an issue than telling someone to make a player complaint. Or... making a really asinine post saying stuff like "As tradition in the SG community, fun is strictly off limits.", because first of all you can't say it's staff endorsed yet fun is off limits- second of all when have you of all people ever been stopped from having your fun? Lets be honest here bro. Okay? How is the ruleset I want anything close to eGO? I don't want griefing allowed? Lol. You joined in 2019, believe it or not the TTT server has existed in many forms and what it's like right now is as far from what it's been like in the past. That's fine in a lot of instances, in this one instance I think it's not. Your whole argument is based on this vague definition of allowing rule bending and a casual environment. No one can ever give me examples of this helping to create a flourishing server, I can give you tons of examples of how this would cause issues and have given them. Also, I haven't been around for over a month so you probably barely see me at all. I'm busy making $$$$ and beating kids like you everyday in the real world. A game is a game for me, I want to go on and play something without being griefed. I've griefed plenty enough in the past to look at these issues and go "huh that's not going to turn out real well."