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    Alright guy relax that's great and all but has nothing to do with me saying some of the (maybe too many) of the maps were shit. Sometimes someone can try really hard and someone is still not going to like their work. The issue is probably trying to have a map pool with that many maps in the first place. Which is why I said "there's too many god damn maps on that server." I get that people come on Bhop servers looking to play a certain map sometimes, so I'm sure that factored into it (wanting to have a large amount of options). As someone who's not really a movement player but still has enjoyed the server, this is just how I see it. I don't think Reid or Noxstar are going to feel personally offended cause I don't like the map pool. Reid is rocking out to some metal or something right now he's fine.
  2. All Ts


    There's too many god damn maps on that server, I'm honestly convinced that no one even tests them at this point. You'd think to yourself "well how hard is it to fuck a bhop map up" but these mappers really pull it off sometimes.
  3. I never pay attention to the operations, or the cases, or the skins... nor do I even understand what the operations do besides release a map or two and break all our servers sometimes.
  4. Not sure if I'm gonna be able to make this, might show up late.
  5. All Ts

    TF2 Update

    Especially when prompted like in the video lol. What is he gonna say in that situation?
  6. All Ts line up at the bottom of main cell stairs unstack shoulder to shoulder and FREEZE
  7. I too am a bit saddened that half a decade here is completely apparently erased despite having evidence, videos of me playing GMOD TTT, bans on record, forum posts, and several current & ex-staff remembering me. I understand this makes it easier for the CA's to deal with, but I was willing to have several years cut off my time to where I was obviously here I wasn't asking for a bunch of bonus years lol. There's not so many people that are going to go out of their way to ask for this that it should be a policy, kinda bullshit.
  8. I have been known to bring people together : ' )
  9. you didnt tell me this was an EXPLOSIVE WORD GAME
  10. good event idea, good banner boring snore worthy formatting, more PIZZAZZ
  11. The Scrim Bonanza how now concluded thank you to all gamers
  12. You haven't seen me I have ascended
  13. I can make you the most BOMBASS stairs now from SCRATCH.
  14. You are all inspiring me to make new brushwork projects