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  1. Had to post this to meme lol. This and few other similar changes as mentioned could make sg more friendly and maybe marketable if that is the goal. Banning words vs. Harassment itself and dealing with people skirting or just being fucking psychopaths reporting one another for every little thing is probably the most annoying thing about or behind these rules. Personally I have never really cared about the word, I know that a lot of people definitely wouldn't appreciate being called it and would probably expect there to be a rule against it. Can't just pretend like those people do not exist. People don't like change, I was against Discord when it was proposed and now it's a huge platform that would be dumb not to have. This will likely be fine, albeit being potentially annoying as the word list gets longer and people create more paper to push.
  2. support my admin app

  3. Just because they're casual servers doesn't make it any less frustrating when you get owned because an admin on a thread argued towards having a minecraft steve hat. Something doesn't have to produce enraging side effects and make someone want to leave for someone's suggestion to be worthwhile or considered lol.
  4. The post wasn't just about you, I wrote maybe one-two sentences about you. Okay, so if the screwing around makes things fun then where is the limit. That's what is being argued. On Jailbreak we decided there were plenty of things that were completely bullshit mechanics that shouldn't be in the game. For example, we decided much unlike servers like eGO that AFK freezing was not going to be something we allowed. AFK freezing was giving people the option for people to grief one another in a way that would have been hard to control or enforce with any kind of supplemental or small rule change so we nuked it off of the server completely. If you want to stand on principle and start the AFK freeze thread be my guest, the same way I'd be super entertained to see any manager in their right mind entertain the idea that teaming has it's place in the game mode and like others said "should be enforced or removed." In what world? The server is at one of it's lowest points in a long time. This is despite an event designed to boost all servers, COVID locking people down, CS:GO climbing to heights it's never been at before. This could be entirely coincidental but I don't really think it is and I think issues like this are contributing factors. So you can throw out all of these very vague theories but my theory is "hey guys look the way you're doing it is not going to work, and here is why", so you can either argue the merits of what I'm saying or agree to disagree. You're right, this is staff endorsed and more of an issue than telling someone to make a player complaint. Or... making a really asinine post saying stuff like "As tradition in the SG community, fun is strictly off limits.", because first of all you can't say it's staff endorsed yet fun is off limits- second of all when have you of all people ever been stopped from having your fun? Lets be honest here bro. Okay? How is the ruleset I want anything close to eGO? I don't want griefing allowed? Lol. You joined in 2019, believe it or not the TTT server has existed in many forms and what it's like right now is as far from what it's been like in the past. That's fine in a lot of instances, in this one instance I think it's not. Your whole argument is based on this vague definition of allowing rule bending and a casual environment. No one can ever give me examples of this helping to create a flourishing server, I can give you tons of examples of how this would cause issues and have given them. Also, I haven't been around for over a month so you probably barely see me at all. I'm busy making $$$$ and beating kids like you everyday in the real world. A game is a game for me, I want to go on and play something without being griefed. I've griefed plenty enough in the past to look at these issues and go "huh that's not going to turn out real well."
  5. I don't need to hear some diatribe about how x, y, z players makes the server fun, it's entirely irrelevant to this conversation. I have all the respect in the world for people trying to help and for the players enjoying the servers. If those players are following the rules and not hurting anyone's time, fine that's all good. If they're doing this pseudo-griefing that's being allowed then I don't know what they're thinking, clearly they've found some kind of support for it though. I don't personally think that the line of thinking is helpful if the intention is to make the server more fun or to get more people to play on it. I respect people's effort but I'm not going to sit and make shit up that everything and everyone is doing awesome. I want the server to be played the way it is supposed to be played. I never once said I wanted anything radical to be done, the server was fun in the past, it did well and no one was really upset with it. The rules were enforced, where they weren't applicable or someone was freaking out for no reason there wasn't really an appetite for it among staff. I'd say it was fairly chill. One of your posts literally states a scenario in your mind where admins should just "enforce it" or the rule should be removed. No that rule should not ever be removed, admins should enforce this rule or they themselves should be removed. The fact that anyone wants to be on the side of removing the no teaming rule in a team oriented game mode is in the nicest possible way, misguided. All of these threads read like a bunch of kids saying "haha school sucks lets eat pizza everyday no homework." There's just no logic behind any of the arguments being made. God forbid anyone wants people to not be able to grief with the full authority of the rules behind them, you might get an edgy 15 year old like @dafty coming at you for it. I know it's hard for you guys to see it, cause you've probably never been involved with building anything that other people are going to see or use outside of a project at school, but there's reasons why rules are in place. Server managers aren't given grading rubric or even a tutorial, their rubric is the opinions of their peers, their own judgement, as well as a number of statistics at their disposal. They have the final say, so when you're replying to these threads you're pretty much just creating something that 2 people may or may not even read. If you can't handle people giving their opinion or feel the need to be rude then you need to stop whining and stay out of the thread.
  7. Every single person at the S4S tournament was using the Minecraft head, you're spot on lol.
  8. Why is everyone pretending like this just isn't an issue with the server itself? Every thread complaining about an issue the replies are how the person needs to report players for breaking X rule, it's like you guys were hired for SG Human Resources or something. From my viewpoint the problem is that from a manager to player level you've essentially told people that for the betterment of player experience screwing around and griefing is being allowed because, "that's what makes TTT so special." You can still have a good ruleset and maximize the players ability to have fun. The few times I've logged onto TTT honestly the amount of people just trying to be funny made me want to not play at all. When you practically turn the rules into water vapor all you have is a bunch of clowns running around with symbols over their heads and fancy menus. Nothing more. These kind of situations used to be fine in GMOD TTT, and wasn't really pushed beyond the limit because for the most part people knew each other and the staff were pretty embedded in the community. Everyone was slightly intelligent enough to not go smashing a barrel over anyone's head who was likely to ban you. It's devolved in a # of years into a select group of staff screwing around, to admins thinking it's ok, to every admin and every staff thinking it's ok, to the entire server and regulars thinking it's okay. If you're pushing the limits yourself as a higher staff, admin, or regular you're part of the problem. You're not playing the server, you're just griefing lol. The fact that these threads show up just for me to see half a dozen people cosplaying that they don't do this shit or aren't part of the issue is borderline psychotic.
  9. The balls on this kid to get rid of spacejail and make a fucking throwback event.
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    Alright guy relax that's great and all but has nothing to do with me saying some of the (maybe too many) of the maps were shit. Sometimes someone can try really hard and someone is still not going to like their work. The issue is probably trying to have a map pool with that many maps in the first place. Which is why I said "there's too many god damn maps on that server." I get that people come on Bhop servers looking to play a certain map sometimes, so I'm sure that factored into it (wanting to have a large amount of options). As someone who's not really a movement player but still has enjoyed the server, this is just how I see it. I don't think Reid or Noxstar are going to feel personally offended cause I don't like the map pool. Reid is rocking out to some metal or something right now he's fine.
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    There's too many god damn maps on that server, I'm honestly convinced that no one even tests them at this point. You'd think to yourself "well how hard is it to fuck a bhop map up" but these mappers really pull it off sometimes.
  12. I never pay attention to the operations, or the cases, or the skins... nor do I even understand what the operations do besides release a map or two and break all our servers sometimes.
  13. Not sure if I'm gonna be able to make this, might show up late.
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    TF2 Update

    Especially when prompted like in the video lol. What is he gonna say in that situation?