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  1. Do not EVER give someone your password. No one will ever need to use, including any "VAC" staff you come across on steam. This is the same for almost every single online game.
  2. Do NOT enter your steam account name/password on ANY other site, other than to use it to login to steam.
  3. Always check a website url, to make sure it isn't a fake one, trying to phish your password. Look at the URL. If it isn't www.steampowered.com, it isn't legit. Legit steam websites may also have http://store.steampowered.com/. DO NOT TRUST ANY OTHER WEBSITES.
  4. Always be wary of fake websites and logins. If you aren't sure of the legitamacy of the website, don't download anything from it and don't use any logins.
  5. Do not download files you are unsure of as they can contain viruses and keyloggers.
  6. Do not use the same password for everything, stay away from easily guessable passwords: Birthdays, hometowns, parents name, your name, password, 123456, qwerty, etc. Passwords that contain both numbers and letters are best, symbols also help.


I hope these few steps can help many people!


DO NOT POST HERE UNLESS YOU HAVE COME ACROSS A SCAMMER. Please post both a chatlog and their steam community page. I'm sick of all these announcements when this sticky should have been used for that, as it's a sticky. If you would like to indicate someone on your friends list who plays here has been hacked, please include their previous name and that the scammerr changed it to.

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