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Alright, this game is coming out soon, and I've been following it since 05. Who here is getting it?


This is for people new to Spore:


I this is the first of it's type, The game itself has about 5 different stages which you will play.


The first, in Cell age, this stage is really a Arcade style game, you eat smaller things and become bigger, once you eat enough, your be able to make your first lil guy.


The next stage is a 3rd person game, this stage looks the coolest, you can befriend other Animals,attack other animals, and befriend your own kind and make a lil gang!


The Third stage is a RTS, this stage also looks pretty cool, getting your first spear, to your first arrow, to attacking other tribes, or befriending everything in sight!


Then, the fourth stage is pretty much a Civ stage, when you try and take over the planet, which is pretty awesome if you ask me. You can make buildings and car/tanks for your people.


The 5th is pretty awesome! The space age! Once your people are smart enough, you will make be able to make your own spaceship!

Now this really took my breathe away! The Galaxy is fuckin huge!

All the Civ/Tribes you see are 90% player made. the fun thing about this stage is you can totally destroy a whole planet!


To really sum this game up:Evolve.jpg



The game comes out Sept 7th for America, and 4th for Europe!

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No question, I'll be getting it hopefully the second it comes out. (literally)





I may, they should have released it during the summer, but noo, right when school starts... Silly people.

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