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ba_jail_future_v2a request

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Originally this map was made in the summer of 2013 by @Kirby for our CSS Jail Break server at the time, but unfortunately it didn't fare well with most of the playerbase and was only played on rare occasions. I could have sworn I remember it was ported over to CSGO with almost no changes to it, which we ended up adding to our server and again it didn't do so well.


As for this version, @Darnias put his twist on it and really changed it up a lot from what I remember the OG version being. He did, however, keep the old textures and theme of the map which is really cool. My only gripe with that is some players did complain back in the day about the map being graphically demanding. It is listed in the changelog that there were improvements made to the map in order to boost FPS. I am fairly sure we have not yet tested this out on our server as well.


I just checked this out in-game and do believe that it may be a nice fit in our current server considering we do lack a whole lot of variety in maps. To elaborate, there are a lot of razor remakes and maps that aren't necessarily razor remakes but were made with the same layout/style as razor. In my opinion, this would be a nice change from that and would like to see it tested in order to hear what the JB community and managers feel about it.

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So i downloaded this map and ran through it quickly and it is a very good map. I think it should be added because it is in the same style at vip and razor but bigger, more things to do, and looks amazing. It has some death games that we could play unlike razor and revamp which is a good thing. Overall good map and should be added because its better than all the other maps we currently have. @Dominic

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The map is quite nice looking and I feel as though it fits the server's play style very well.


However, there is a problem where if anyone has their flashlight (F) enabled, the textures mess up very badly. I'd be willing to entertain it at a later time if this were fixed. For now though, I'm going to mark this as rejected.

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