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  1. night light took fo, said a really quick order, then refused to repeat after 10 people asked in chat for repeat. then the other cts warning shot and killed people still without saying the order. do cts have to repeat order if people ask or if they warning shoot someone
  2. wow who is this cool person called andy dufresne

  3. a ton of the t's suck on this server, buffing health would hurt the terrorists even more
  4. guy why u bumping this anyway they should be kos even if they drop it, its a primary. way to hard to decipher between a t wanting to drop it and a t wanting to kill all the cts with it
  5. [video=youtube;-Go0Rj2djb0] ez claps
  6. yes the sergeant rank worked
  7. the bug just happened to me last round. i played earlier and was around 400 minutes. i just joined and after checking the !cttop i was up to 940 minutes. i played probably 4-5 rounds as a terrorist and spammed the ct join button but it was full because of ratio so maybe that has something to do with it??
  8. just wanted to update that it happened again with tim this time when he joined the game, he went from not being on the leaderboard at all to being 3rd place above me even though i was on the entire time edit: and jahson hasn't been on all day so its not showing only the people that are online at the moment
  9. pretty sure theres a bug with the timer because "Kuri" went from not even being on the top 5 to being 1st place by over 30 minutes. this doesn't seem like a big deal but me and tweedle have been grinding all day for hours to get our spots on the top 5 and he just joined and got #1... the real order before Kuri joined was: 1. tweedle 2. jahson 3. SpotLight Uh 4. fadedacr 5. Daddy his steamid is STEAM_1:0:220868643
  10. can we get a list of the rank names and the playtime they require?
  11. for example if a ct says they only do shot 4 shot and knife fight can they still kill you if the order is lr by 30 and you haven't sent them a lr they want by that time??
  12. i got it guys, just spam jb with google adsense when u die then we can pay for 128 tick ez
  13. it is definitely needed and would help everyone and just shut down the ttt server if u dont want to have to pay a lot cause jb is way better