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Things Certainly Have Changed.

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Just to preface this post I'd like to say it has been about 1 to 1 and 1/2 years since I played on any SG servers. But on continuing that thought, what did I miss? When I first got my new PC I thought I would go back to Jailbreak to relive the nostalgia from when I had spent time on there. (Most of my hours on CS came from the JB server) I thought that minimal things would have changed, some small rules to learn but boy was I wrong. As soon as I entered the server I was greeted with the pleasant sound of some edgy 13 year old kid screaming the n-word(hard r) at the top of his lungs. :jaw:Then after about 2 rounds playing the CTs started to get angering, I couldn't hear a single order completely because all of the CTs were trying to speak at the same time. This is not a new problem but in the past it was handled better by CTs and Ts alike. Then the cherry on top the shit sundae was the free-killing, not just singles but mass, and it was constant. The best part is that a admin was on during all this, were they doing there job as a admin? Barely at best, the actions they took were not what should have been done in my opinion. Never muted anyone, moved mass free-killers to T just to have them switch back and do it again, and then finally not dealing with the edgy kids screaming the n-word. Now I understand that slurs are no longer a banable offence as long as it isn't aimed at someone. But I just don't understand why, why pander to the 13 year old edge-lords who bring the worst of the toxicity to the server?:confused1:


To conclude this I'd like to ask some questions:

Did I just get on at a bad time?:confused1:

Am I the only one who thinks the server shouldn't pander the edgy kids?:confused1:

Why does it seem like the admins are walking on eggshells when dealing with these toxic idiots?:confused1:


I really hope the server can recover to the state it was in when I had last visited, or even better.

I hope the best for you all.

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Yeah. I have disliked the path JB has taken. And ZE. But I got over it. That’s just how things are now. It’s saddening to think how counterstrike has become this kids game basically since the game is also free now and parents don’t have time to pay attention to all this. I get real disappointed when I hear a 11 year old scream swears, or even say racist crap. That’s just how it is.

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With racism now being allowed, there's probably always gonna be at least 1 edgy kid that's constantly screaming the n-word. I think we're all hoping that those few kids run out of breath someday but for now we're gonna have to live with this new JB. And you might've just gotten on at a bad time; but I think the admins should be strict on making sure there's no mic spam or harassment going on despite the new rule.

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I've started playing JB more than usual about a month ago and it's been this way the whole time (since before the racism rule was inverted).


I think there's a few factors that go into this. In no particular order, here's my take:


The server has 50 slots, instead of a more manageable 32. I don't find this to be a huge issue, and it's not even something I would suggest reverting, however, more players generally means more players talking over each other, causing the server to grow louder exponentially.


The current moderation is a bit under par in my opinion. I often go several hours without seeing an admin on the server, allowing players to get used to acting toxic and breaking the rules. The regular admins that I usually see moderating JB are fairly new, which would explain why they may be more tentative to punish players and issue bans. I don't blame this on anyone, we always need more admins. When you reach the requirements, and consider yourself to be a good candidate that is well-known by the community, feel free to apply.


JB as a game mode tends to cater towards younger children for some reason. I can't figure this out and have no way to prove it, but I also don't think this is really a bad thing. With younger players you will, however, get a more noticeable occurrence of certain issues: screaming, rule-breaking, screaming about rule-breaking, and a tendency just to have more chatter filling the comms.


I expect in the future there will be some changes to remedy these issues, especially more moderation as time allows and people apply, but in the meantime, I encourage you to enforce the rules (and make player complaints), try our other servers (especially TTT), and eventually apply for admin yourself.

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