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  1. Toasty RDMed me, admin complaint incoming in 3...2...1...

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      God you smell so bad it's insane.

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      1v1 me BF1 only harlem golden shotty only  idiot


  2. This was due to a CS:GO update, and not something that was added on our end. There was a thread about this not too long back, found here, but I'm not sure what the verdict was. @Trazzwas handling it at the time so he would know more.
  3. A message will now appear at the top of the screen if a haste round is active. Once again, credits to @BoTofor the fix. See more details here.
  4. Yeah so the GMOD TTT server will be up by next week. Jokes aside, I'll be closing this up as there are no plans for another TTT server at this time.
  5. A more pronounced way to announce a haste round has already been brought up and is currently being looked into. Standby soldier.
  6. Whatsup Toasty

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      damn it ur italiziced

  7. Huge thank you to everyone who contributed to this giveaway!
  8. My brother has risen amongst the ranks!

  9. Unless this actually becomes a reoccurring issue, I don’t see much of a reason to restrict players’ freedom, class-wise. Preemptively making a balance change like this one could prove more harmful than useful if it turns out a class-limit wasn’t actually necessary for our developing population. As others mentioned, it might be wise to sit back for a little while and observe how players on the server behave, then act from there.