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  1. Some big promos, congrats everyone!
  2. My brother has risen amongst the ranks!

  3. Congrats to everyone else!
  4. Karaoke nights used to be an almost monthly thing at some point and everyone loved them. The main problem at the moment is probably, as Benzene mentioned, discord voice quality. When 3 or more people try to talk at the same time, all you can hear is a clusterfuck of noises that probably wouldn’t sound like music if people were singing. If something could be done about that, or just hosted elsewhere, I’m sure the events team would be glad to host one of these.
  5. Toasty

    Class limits?

    Unless this actually becomes a reoccurring issue, I don’t see much of a reason to restrict players’ freedom, class-wise. Preemptively making a balance change like this one could prove more harmful than useful if it turns out a class-limit wasn’t actually necessary for our developing population. As others mentioned, it might be wise to sit back for a little while and observe how players on the server behave, then act from there.
  6. TF2 generally isn’t as event-friendly as CS:GO and other games we do events on. Most big TF2 servers such as Skial and BlackWonder don’t really do events at all afaik. The thing about TF2 is, there’s probably already a dedicated community server for most popular events. Take prophunt, arguably one of the most fun minigames on TF... there’s 24/7 servers for that. Knowing the TF2 community, I imagine them seeing that their favorite 24/7 2Fort server was instead playing hide and seek, for example, might turn them off from our server. Events might bring the players in our community together, but I’m not sure if it’d appeal to others who come for a classic 2Fort or Dustbowl experience. By no means am I against it, I’m just stating my thoughts and concerns about TF2 server events. That being said, I have no clue what the managers have in mind. That’s just my thoughts on it.
  7. Toasty

    TF2 Main

    Sweaty sniper main here.
  8. AYEEE tf2 gang rise up!
  9. Sounds like a pretty neat idea that if implemented properly; could be a cool new credit purchase. Only thing I’d like to add is that it might be smart to consider adding this as a Supporter perk. Kinda ironic that I’m the one saying this, but it might be something to consider. A flamboyant fun command that, as long as it doesn’t detriment gameplay, would be super cool to flaunt your Supporter rank on the servers. Another fun, server-side incentive to purchase a Supporter rank probably wouldn’t hurt, as long as it’s properly implemented. Not saying that’s how it should be, just, once again, something to consider.
  10. Not sure why there's still confusion and debate about this. Fantastic made it clear that if a CT is giving confusing or unnecessary orders, an admin can and will step in. There's not much more to it. If you see someone giving irrational or unneeded orders, call an admin or make a complaint, and it will be dealt with accordingly.
  11. An idea like this reminds me of a suggestion from a while back: Because there would be no actual use for these points, it would get stale, and players would forget about it in a week or so, as Dom stated. Without some sort of motivation for players to keep using this, it'd die fairly quickly I imagine; similar to the suggestion I referenced above. Interesting thought, but without a good deal of revamping to the way it works, it's probably not something the managers are interested in, but who knows.
  12. Congrats man, definitely well-deserved.
  13. @blackwolf0005I've been actively admining our TTT server for almost 1.5 years at this point, and was a regular for months prior. With an abundance of experience on both sides of the admin - player spectrum, I'll give my two cents exclusively on the issue you have with our admin protocol on TTT specifically as bluntly as possible. The way our server has always been designed is that if a bad action occurs, it doesn't necessarily mean that a rule was broken. Logs are simply a tool that allow us to see the black and white of what happened in a round. Gray areas such as if a player was shot AT, but not hit, or what was verbally said, are not reported. I'd like to bring up a situation to add some perspective into this. Try to bear with me here. Let's say theoretically, player A shoots one bullet that nearly hits player B, and runs away, 15 seconds into the round. Player B catches his name, and runs away. 3 minutes later in the round, Player B stumbles upon Player A once again, doesn't say a word, and blows the brains out of Player A. Player C, who is taking a stroll around the area, witnesses this, attempts to kill Player B, but is then killed by Player B, for attempting to kill him, obviously. Player A then goes into admin chat, and cries his eyes out about the rdm he thinks took place. Player C vouches for him over voice chat. The admin then checks logs, sees that there was no reason for the 2 innocent kills (according to logs), acts off of hear-say, and slays Player B. Well that's a false slay. You'd think that a situation like that is a rare occurrence, but boy, with how petty some of the players that have been playing our servers lately are, you're sorely mistaken. The only way for an admin to get enough information to act upon a scenario such as this is if he saw it with his own two eyes. And that's just one example I see happen pretty often, and trust me, there are a whole lot more. The TTT team has recently taken steps to fixing this issue with the removal of t-bait. But obviously, I agree with you in some aspects. At a certain point, a line must be drawn. This line, however, isn't so easy to draw, because of how gray our server is. When a rule-break is reported to us admins, it's in our best interest to at least keep an eye on whoever it might be. If an admin refuses to acknowledge the issues happening on the server at a given time, that's a whole 'nother issue and a can of worms I won't be opening in this post.
  14. In theory, I'm not sure if One in the Chamber would perform well on TTT. I imagine it might get pretty chaotic and feel a bit too deathmatch-y if it were to take place. This type of event would probably thrive more on its own server with its own plugin; if the plugin even worked in the first place, which who knows if it does due to CS:GO updates.