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Should I take Organic Chem?

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Junior year my school has a science class that is organic chem. I'm not really sure what organic chem is, but a couple of my friends are taking it and since not a lot of people take the class we are guaranteed to have a class together. I'm planning on going into computer sciences or computer engineering, but I just want another science credit because there is an award I can get for taking a certain amount of science classes by the end of the year. I'm already taking physics this year and an elective that was recently added called AP Computer Sciences.

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It’s pretty much just organic compounds n stuff. I mean, it could get really boring so idk if you should take it considering you don’t plan to pursue chemistry in college anyways, but if you’re that determined to go with your friends go for it I guess.

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Yeah, what Kieran said. It's a bunch of charting compounds, reactions, molecule structures and other boring stuff. If you haven't taken regular/honors chemistry yet, I'd recommend it. It's fairly easy and you can actually enjoy yourself sometimes.


It's really up to you and what you want your workload to be like, but I wouldn't count on your friends not dropping a mind-numbingly boring class.

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