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    Saw this post on April 1st and thought it was a joke and I just checked again to see if it was real cause there is no way ZZL got BD. I still remember the day when you got harassed on JB and made a mega player complaint. A lot has changed since then, obviously. Congrats ZZL
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    shut up u suck


  4. thump

    P90 Warning shots

    For the couple maps I got on when this was happening it really did not seem like that much of a problem. The CTs were getting shit on the entire time before Reflex and Ero came on. The Ts were shit talking the CTs and calling them terrible. The fact that the Ts can't handle being thrown around by Reflex and Ero using the P90 is crazy. They couldn't rebel because some CTs that actually gave orders and enforced joined CT side and they had to follow orders. They clearly were not very good at rebelling because the good Ts would have been able to win atleast a couple rounds by catching the CTs off guard. What was happening was completely within the rules and I do not think that anything should be changed. These pussy ass Ts just gotta learn how to rebel better and not be so bitchy after getting shit on every round like the CTs usually do.
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      Why do you retards keep posting on my profile

  6. yo bud, hop on scrim for the one time so I can shit on you for old times sake.

  7. Where you at

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      Your mom's house

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      You are so stupid it took you 2 months to think of a reply

  8. If I wasn't starting school I would definitely come clap. Sounds like it'll be a fun event
  9. thump

    jb ct incentive

    That's cause not as many people are playing and it's easy to win rounds. I got on yesterday and there weren't many players and the ratio was in favor of the Ts slightly, but it was still easy to win rounds. If there were more people on a ratio around the same it would have been harder.
  10. thump

    CT Buy Menu!

    ? the a1-s is perfectly fine in my opinion, its just that most people prefer the a4. I think this is a great new addition and will definitely give the CTs the slightest edge that they can use to try and balance the rounds out more.
  11. Went 11-0 against @drippy and got a quick W, something light. Thanks for the event
  12. Date of crash, bug or error: 7/7/20 Map that was being played: dust Number of people in the server: idk like 9 Any errors or unusual messages displayed in console or in game chat? no Additional Information: The m4a1s ammo goes to 20 whenever you get a kill instead of 25 even when the ammo is above 20 when you get a kill The a1s is unplayable because of this pls fix Edit: I just saw the post above me and I didn't read any of the posts before i posted. Oops, but pls fix