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  1. Where you at

  2. If I wasn't starting school I would definitely come clap. Sounds like it'll be a fun event
  3. thump

    jb ct incentive

    That's cause not as many people are playing and it's easy to win rounds. I got on yesterday and there weren't many players and the ratio was in favor of the Ts slightly, but it was still easy to win rounds. If there were more people on a ratio around the same it would have been harder.
  4. TTT winning this one for sure based on what I've seen on JB. This would be a pretty cool event though to watch the TTT regs decimate the JB kids.
  5. thump

    CT Buy Menu!

    ? the a1-s is perfectly fine in my opinion, its just that most people prefer the a4. I think this is a great new addition and will definitely give the CTs the slightest edge that they can use to try and balance the rounds out more.
  6. thump


    Shut the fuck up you toxic clown. I'm joking but I really did think you were just some toxic asshole before, but recently I have noticed that you have been a lot better and realized that you were trying to be less toxic. It makes the game more enjoyable to play when you're not just trying to flame everyone. I've definitely noticed a lot of positive change in the way you interact with the members of the server. Hope your life continues to get better and you continue to grow your character. I know I am toxic and mess around with a lot of people too, so that's something I should probably work on as well
  7. Went 11-0 against @drippy and got a quick W, something light. Thanks for the event
  8. Date of crash, bug or error: 7/7/20 Map that was being played: dust Number of people in the server: idk like 9 Any errors or unusual messages displayed in console or in game chat? no Additional Information: The m4a1s ammo goes to 20 whenever you get a kill instead of 25 even when the ammo is above 20 when you get a kill The a1s is unplayable because of this pls fix Edit: I just saw the post above me and I didn't read any of the posts before i posted. Oops, but pls fix
  9. This statement is 100% true. In regards to giving points off of assists, I say why not. It would allow the players that are not as good at rebelling to earn some points instead of having the same rebellers get all the points every round. It doesn't make sense to make assists KOS if noticed, but not reward any points for it. Having an assist clearly shows that you have done something to harm the CTs, so it should reward points.
  10. thumb man a1 blayer

  11. wtf I told you to win the tournament for me you blow