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If it’s possible I think the forums should have a signature picture resize option cause I’ve been forced to not use like two images cause the size of the imagines are too big for a signature. Again, idk if this is possible but if it is it would be a pretty good addition, not necessarily a needed/important one but it would be nice.

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If you want to change the width and or length, why don't you just edit the image through another app. I could be wrong, but there are multiple other ways/apps that can help you with resizing images. Seems pretty redundant to add it here when you can just do it yourself.

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If you open the image up in even just MS Paint, there’s an option called resize in the top left that you can as asked, resize your signature image by either a percent or by the amount of pixels in the image. I’d recommend to have the box where is says “maintain aspect ratio” checked because the quality of your image will go down as it’ll be stretched. Having the box checked just allows you to size it up and down. I’d you need help, (which I’m pretty sure most people could do it themselves) just post a signature request and someone (most likely a media team member) can copy and paste the image, click resize, and click okay.

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