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  1. Joined: 08/08/20 Don't care.
  2. apolgy for bad english where were u wen ze die i was at house eating dorito when phone ring "ZE is kil" "no"
  3. I will come just because of you Black Rain. Please be present. Edit: I am late
  4. come back to servers

    1. Darnias


      suck my nuts


    2. touchy
    3. Darnias


      Actually no idea who you are, but yeah no.

  5. Kirby boy out here carrying MG on his own, spitting out maps on weekly basis!
  6. Don't want to disregard any contribution and credit is where it's due, but this is disappointing.
  7. I still play WoW to this day and I can say that Reckful is one of the most important figures in the community. I have watched him for so long as I've been playing the game. Everyone is shook by this, he was friendly and nice, his streams were always nice to tune in to. He was friend to almost every single big PVP player, everyone is saddened by this. All over the whole game everyone is paying their respects to his sad passing. Thousands of people, across servers, continents, the whole globe have gathered in their main city to bid him farewell, in the virtual world where he was a legend.
  8. I love to lurk the politics subforum, just because of posts like these. Please never stop delivering such gold. Also obligatory racism bad.