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  1. I will come just because of you Black Rain. Please be present. Edit: I am late
  2. come back to servers

    1. Darnias


      suck my nuts


    2.  touchy
    3. Darnias


      Actually no idea who you are, but yeah no.

  3. Don't want to disregard any contribution and credit is where it's due, but this is disappointing.
  4. I did make radar for the clouds edit, just whoever fucked with it is stupid. Download
  5. who are you lol


    dont talk to me non frog person

  6. Darnias

    ZE needs help

    The reason behind the downfall of ZE is SG itself, everyone who loved the game mode or the server is gone. Anyone else publicly shows disinterest in the server because it's cool now for some reason? JB or TTT admins who are part of the gayboy squad just constantly trash talk the server and say it's populated by anime pedophiles. If this isn't the root of the problem then I don't know what is.
  7. being white doesnt feel right