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Is electric a 2;3 ratio map?

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Today a admin named fantastic was moving people for ratio and military said ratio is fine electric is a 2;3 ratio map so idk what it is

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There's no set ratios for each map. It depends on how the CTs are doing against the Ts and just generally how the admin wants the ratio to be. 1:2 is the ratio we normally follow but most of the time it's fine to have some extra CTs if they're losing a lot. Our ratio plugin keeps the ratio at 2:3 to keep it from getting out of control in favor of the CTs, but in general it's all situational and dependent on the admin.

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Military was on today, noticed me moving people to make it a 1:2 ratio, and told me to stop since he felt 2:3 was appropriate. I can see where he's coming from with this because razor-style maps are heavily T-sided, so I didn't complain.


However, as Dom said, it's up to the admin. If Military wasn't on I'd still move people for a 1:2 ratio regardless of map since that's just how I feel JB has been run and thus what I follow. But there's nothing reaaaaaaaaaally wrong with either.


Thanks for posting though. I had to clarify with Dom myself as well.

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