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Beginners Guide to SG Jailbreak!

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New to Steam-Gamers Jailbreak?


This thread will help those new to our Jailbreak server and those that are new to Jailbreak in general!

Reading the rules and asking questions is always encouraged, this is just to get you in the game!





What is Steam-Gamers Jailbreak?


Jailbreak is a roleplay gamemode where CTs are guards and Ts are prisoners. The guards order the prisoners around, but can't shoot them if they're following orders and not attacking. The goal is for the prisoners to rebel & take control of the prison by killing every guard. Prisoners can do this by using secrets such as finding guns, using vents, hitting secret buttons, and even using teamwork in stacking on one another.


Our server being around 10 years takes more of an old-school death-match approach to Jailbreak in how our plugins are setup, the freedom we like to give our players, the fast-paced gameplay, and the type of maps we tend to lean towards. We tweak the way we run our server to keep it fun while having some element of roleplay still in-part there. We hope you stick around and take part in our servers community!


How to play as a Guard

Guards must attempt to maintain order in the Prison by killing those who are rebelling. Guards can utilize the armory and their weapons menu in order to help them keep the peace. Guards also have a Buy menu where they can buy weapons, health, and grenades to protect themselves and contain the rebelling Prisoners.


How to play as a Prisoner

Prisoners generally have two goals, rebel and take over the prison or follow the Guards' orders. Prisoners can rebel by killing Guards or using secrets.



Important Links & Resources

- Forums --> https://steam-gamers.net/forums/


-Official Jailbreak Rules --> https://www.steam-gamers.net/forum/showthread.php?t=84729

- Official Steam-Gamers Steam Group --> https://steamcommunity.com/groups/SteamGamers


- Official Steam-Gamers Jailbreak Steam Group --> https://steamcommunity.com/groups/sgjailbreak

- Discord --> https://discord.gg/JRw2xHu

- CT Bans List --> https://banned.steam-gamers.net/ctbans/

Server Managers






General Server and Jailbreak Rules

Here are the general rules for our server, for playing Guard/Terrorist find the full rules here.


General Server Rules:

• Respect all admins and players alike.

• No spamming of any kind (voice or chat).

• Blatant or extreme racism is NOT allowed. Small jokes are fine. Use of the N-word with the hard 'R' is strictly prohibited. No racist words allowed in steam names or clan tags.

• Do not have confusing names or names that can't be pronounced, subject to admin discretion (includes invisible & foreign characters)

• No advertising other servers, clans or websites.

• Do not evade punishment by rejoining.

• No hacking/scripting. This includes hyperscrolling, aimbot, wallhacks etc.

• No ghosting (or stream sniping).

• No teamkilling (blocking in KOS areas, starting deathgames, and stuck abuse).

• Do not abuse the !calladmin command by reporting players for fraudulent reasons.


General Jailbreak Rules:

• Guards cannot harm Prisoners unless orders are not being fulfilled or they're rebelling.

• Warning shots (1 Shot, 1-99 DMG) are always required unless the Prisoner is rebelling or blatantly disobeying orders.

• Guards must give reasonable orders and shouldn't repeat the same orders often.

• Freedays are not mandatory under any circumstances and can be revoked at any time.

• Cells must be opened at a reasonable time, ideally one minute into the round.

• Guards may camp as long as they are helping their team. The last Guard can camp, but cannot delay.

• The last Guard is not required to give warning shots to Prisoners that aren't obeying.

• Guards are not allowed to gunplant or bait the Prisoners.

• If a Prisoner harms a Guard for any reason (other than doing a LR), the Prisoner can be killed.

• Any chat order given can be overridden by a voice order. 



Server Features and Commands


CT Ranks:

CT Ranks are the tracker on how much time you've played Guard, this is also in conjunction with the leaderboard (!cttop) which shows the Guards with the highest playtime. Depending on your playtime for CT Side, your rank will change.


Ranks & Times:

Private - 0 minutes - 0 days

Sergeant - 180 minutes - 3 hours

Officer - 720 minutes - 6 hours

Lieutenant - 2160 minutes  - 1.5 days

Captain - 4320 minutes  - 3 days 

Major - 8640 minutes - 6 days 

Colonel - 14400 minutes - 10 days 

General - 21600 minutes - 15 days 



Gangs are groups of up to 5 Prisoners who can earn points as a team to become the best gang (listed in !topgangs).


Point Values:

Kill: +2 Points

Assist: +1 Point

Round Survived: +1 Point

Death: -1 Point



Main Menu Commands:

  • !rules !info !help - Brings up a menu that lists the rules of our server.

General Commands:

  • !rules !info !help - Brings up a menu that lists the rules of our server.
  • !nominate - Brings up a menu that gives you a list of maps on the server to nominate for the next map vote.
  • !rtv- Rock the vote! Gives you an opportunity to change the map if enough people RTV.
  • !store - Brings up a menu for cosmetics you can buy, these cosmetics work across all servers for the most part.
  • !es - Lets you spectate a specific player when you're dead/in spectate.
  • !stopmusic - Silences the map music.
  • !stopsound - Silences the map sounds.
  • !stuck - Unstucks you if you are stuck in something.
  • !revote - Allows you to change your vote for an active vote.
  • !ws- Allows you to use any skin in game.
  • !knife- Allows you to select any knife in game.
  • !dz - Allows you to select any danger zone weapon to replace your knife (fists, axe, hammer).
  • !gloves- Allows you to change what gloves you have.
  • !ghost - Allows dead players to roam the map as a ghost. Note: touching doors will respawn you
  • !rmenu - Brings up the ghost menu, allows ghosts to toggle noclip and auto bhop.
  • !flashmenu - Allows you to disable the flashlight from being bound to your inspect key. Use sm_flashlight to bind it to something else

Mute/Unmute Commands

  • !sm @ts/@cts/ - Mutes player(s)
  • !su @ts/@cts/ - Unmutes player(s)
  • !tmute or !votetmute - starts a vote to mute the terrorists for 25 seconds. Must be at least 10 CTs and 20 Ts to start the vote.

SG-Related Commands 

  • !join, !joinus - Links you to the join us page.
  • !sub4skins - Links you to a thread about buying sub/vip with skins.
  • !discord - Links you to our Discord server.
  • !getsub, !getvip - Links you to our subscriptions page to buy Sub/VIP
  • !group - Links you to our Jailbreak Steam group.
  • !donate - Links you to a page for info about donating.
  • !servers , !serv, !list - Opens a menu allowing you to directly connect yourself to any one of SG's CS:GO servers
  • !server - Gives you information about the current server.

Suicide/Slay Commands

  • !kill
  • !killme
  • !slayme
  • !suicide

Guard Commands

  • !fo - Mutes other CTs for 30 seconds and allows you to give orders that override all other orders for that 30 seconds.
  • !marker - Places a colored marker where you are pointing your crosshair.
  • !rmarker - Removes the marker you placed.
  • !ctbuy or !menu - Opens up the CT Buy Menu. Guards get 500 credits at the beginning of each round. Credits do not roll-over to the next round.

CT Rank Commands

  • !cttop - Shows top 5 CTs in term of playtime
  • !ctrank - Shows your own CT playtime
  • !ranks - Provides a list of the CT Ranks and the time needed to achieve them.

Prisoner Commands

  • !explode, !detonate - Activates a Jihad if you purchased one and it is activated.
  • !fk or !freekill - Alerts admins of a potential freekill
  • !lr - Last request, allows you to do a game with a CT when there are
  • !repeat - Announces a request for a repeat on the last given order 

Gangs Commands

  • !gang - Creates a gang
  • !gleave - Leave your current gang
  • !gdisband - Disbands your current gang
  • !ginvite - Invites a player to your gang.
  • !gkick - Kicks a player from the gang if you are a higher rank than them.
  • !gpromote - Promotes player in the gang.
  • !gdemote - Demotes player in the gang.
  • !topgangs - Displays a scoreboard of the current top gangs. 
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