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LR-breaking bug along with some other LR bugs

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Player A, C, D, E - other players.

Player B - me.



1:59 - LR sent by Player A and requested by Player B. Shot4Shot with Deagle.

2:02 - LR accepted. Both players get a deagle but Player B does not equip the deagle.

2:04 - LR cheated by Player B knifing.

2:09 - Player B pulls out the deagle and since the LR is over, the deagle now has a full mag.

2:12 - Player C sends Shot4Shot LR request with Deagle to Player B.

2:16 - Player B accepts the Shot4Shot LR request with deagle still out.

2:19 - Player B reloads the magazine and still has 7 bullets in the clip.

2:23 - Player B fires one shot and the magazine is emptied as though there is only 1 bullet.

2:26 - BUG 1: Player B reloads, then fires multiple (!!!) shots, killing the player and ending the LR.

2:33 - Player D sends a Shot4Shot request.

2:23 - Player E sends a Gun Toss request.

2:37 - BUG 2: Player B declines the first request, Player D's. LR logs publicly announce that Player E's request was denied, not Player D's.

2:38 - BUG 3: Player B accepts the Gun Toss with deagle request from Player E. Player B's deagle still has 7 bullets from the last LR and was never emptied!

3:25 - BUG 4 & 5: Player B shoots his fully-loaded deagle while in Player E's Gun Toss (should not have bullets; BUG 4) and somehow the LR isn't detected as cheated (BUG 5)!

3:26 - BUG 6 (?): Player E knifes and kills Player B, and the LR doesn't abort? Not sure if this is a bug or not.


I uploaded the whole round so the bugs can be replicated.


tl;dr: There is a bug that allows a CT to have multiple bullets in their magazine when doing Shot 4 Shot, and CTs can fire off multiple shots regardless of whether the other person in the LR has shot. Gun Toss is not cheated if a CT has bullets in the weapon they are throwing (in this case a deagle) and fires them.

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On the topic of LR bugs, had this interesting one a while back and I dont know if it has been fixed. It can be recreated and has/had 100% recreation rate meaning it is guaranteed to happen.


A T or CT starts gun toss.

Either T or CT drops deagle.

T or CT picks up another gun and attempts to drop gun. (Should say you have already thrown your gun and you wont be able to throw away this gun.)

T or CT can now shoot the other gun without reload time. (You can shoot an entire AK magazine and simply press your reload key and the gun will have no animation but will reload the clip fully.)


Once again, may have been patched but just want to throw this out there.

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We're still looking into this issue. We may have to bother one of the cool dudes in the dark red to see if we can get a fix for some of the issues listed above. I apologize for not making mention of that sooner and thank you all for your patience.

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We still currently have a full plate of things needed to get done. Just reminding you all that this is definitely on our to-do list and we will work as hard as we can to get everything smooth-sailing.


Thank you for reporting this and feel welcome to always update us with other bugs found on Jailbreak.

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