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ba_mlcastle_se removal

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Map Removal

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Why should we remove it

I believe this map is way too big and confusing, I recommend removing or re-doing the map.




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Would anyone like to give an input on this? Generally we do not remove maps simply due to size, as we try to keep it to maps actually broken, but if other factors do work themselves in, we can look into it.

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I agree that Castle is big, but it's not used as much. If we ever do get the map (which is rare nowadays) we get a nice balance of where we're sent as a T. The map has many good qualities like the multiple deathgames built into it, but like many other maps just aren't utilized as much. I'd like to see this map make a comeback, so I think we should keep it.

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I can agree that this is a big map, but I don’t agree with the fact that we should remove it. You’ll get used to it once you go exploring and go learn the map as there are signs, a mini map and a custom map on the wall in main cell which will help you navigate through the map. There are so many secrets, unique death games, and fun activities that it would be a real shame to remove this map from the map pool as it’s also themed perfectly.

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