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With jb, as many of you know, you need 30 minutes of play time on the server to be able to play as a ct. My suggestion is to simply make this wait time longer, possibly somewhere from an hour to two so that the players can learn the rules better without gaining access to ct. With most new players, the get 31 minutes, hop on ct and start freekilling/freeshooting because they do not know the rules thoroughly yet. With this, we could have some better cts as many freekillers are new players who do not yet know the rules.

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As mentioned by @Tweedledee, there was an active discussion on the matter and the Jailbreak staff made policy based on the feedback of those who took the time to respond. If you still have any discrepancies with the recent change, I encourage you to post on this thread as it would make it easier for the other JB staff and I to be able to round up the collective thoughts and opinions of the community.


I'll mark this one appropriately.

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