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  1. I didn't really know u cus i didn't play ze, but i noticed what u did for it and what u did as a ta, thank you for all your hard work and take care and congrats on legend, well deserved
  2. Deadline's up, vote for who u think has the better story, the poll ends the 20th at 12 am est
  3. Could definitely be a good option for another event, not sure how the turnout will be but I might look into trying this one out again
  4. each year im voting for myself in a different round, last year was 1st round, this year is the 2nd bring the memes
  5. the fact scrolls has 10 votes is WILD, all 10 of u need serious help
  6. u can preview ur posts, click the button all the way on the right side of ur bar that looks like the google docs icon
  7. damn now we cant bully someone for voting for themselves
  8. nothing, i enjoy dr pepper, but its supposed to be a sprite
  9. gj wildcards and ai since this thread is a bit boring without any memes, i will be blessing it with my review of the Travis Scott Meal @Noxstar The Burger: the burger was pretty good, a regular quarter pounder with lettuce, onions, bacon, im pretty sure its supposed to come with pickles and mine didnt have any so -1 point for that. Overall, very nice burger. The Fries: regular medium fries, very good. The Drink: ok so here's where I am pissed, so many ppl have ordered the meal today that I couldnt even get a sprite, I had to settle with a Dr. Pepper, which just threw the meal off a bit. - 2 points for that. The Score: I will be giving my experience of the Travis Scott Meal a 7/10, would recommend, but make sure to order before they run out of sprite. In the words of Travis Scott, "It's lit"
  10. thanks to everyone who showed up on either or both of the days, it was a lotta fun!
  11. day 2 starting in a few minutes, hop on!
  12. urpalerp

    hns event

    by hns, do u mean the one we did as a mgt a few times on the mgt server? we havent hosted any on the mg server
  13. urpalerp

    hns event

    You're actually supposed to make an event suggestions in the event suggestions subforum but by hns event on mg, do u mean prop hunt? And if i remember correctly, ion think scouts knives events on mg do that great