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  1. If you guys wanna do another and need more maps, I did a two day event here with 8 maps. Turnout for it back then was good and everyone who showed had a lot of fun
  2. Congrats everyone would still just like to flex i was the one who trained crazed when he got admin
  3. come back to jb, miss you man

  4. Surf Event Submission In-game name: urpalerp Is this submission for Normal or Bonus? : Normal Time for submission: 50.87 Screenshot of time:
  5. man of height

  6. im literally redownloading csgo just to get my surf and bhop awards, this better be worth it edit: WHY CAN I ONLY FIT 6 AWARDS I AM OUTRAGED
  7. grats on director tramp

    1. Trazz


      I will never identify myself as "tramp".

  8. mark my words mf's gonna make it to the olympics 





    para olympics because he's retarded

  9. I never talked to him or really knew him but that doesn't make this any less tragic. Rest in peace.
  10. R.I.P - Rest in Poverty