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  1. im literally redownloading csgo just to get my surf and bhop awards, this better be worth it edit: WHY CAN I ONLY FIT 6 AWARDS I AM OUTRAGED
  2. grats on director tramp

    1. Trazz


      I will never identify myself as "tramp".

  3. I never talked to him or really knew him but that doesn't make this any less tragic. Rest in peace.
  4. You know that's the point of wiping everyone's times, right?
  5. make me stay off yo profile ape 

  6. 98fa4dae660c6e4f2648cd71a196e79d.png 

    ai so where it at

  7. my bad i got to this a lil late but congrats @Andrewfor winning the public vote, hit up Black Rain#8465 and tell her whichever game you’d like, and @blackwolf0005 hit her up and you’ll get the other game. it’s unfortunate we couldn’t get more submissions but thanks to both of u for participating. and if forum awards come back and there’s a contest winner award, both of u get one
  8. Deadline's up, vote for who u think has the better story, the poll ends the 20th at 12 am est
  9. thanks to everyone who showed up on either or both of the days, it was a lotta fun!
  10. day 2 starting in a few minutes, hop on!
  11. urpalerp

    hns event

    by hns, do u mean the one we did as a mgt a few times on the mgt server? we havent hosted any on the mg server
  12. urpalerp

    hns event

    You're actually supposed to make an event suggestions in the event suggestions subforum but by hns event on mg, do u mean prop hunt? And if i remember correctly, ion think scouts knives events on mg do that great
  13. We had a first day 1, thanks to everyone who showed, and be sure to come back for day 2 tomorrow!
  14. Last bump for today, event starts in less than 5 minutes, start hopping on!
  15. Seeing as today is the last day to submit and no one has entered yet, I will be extending the deadline by another week.
  16. i apologize for this but i realized i may not be home to host these events, so they will be rescheduled to next weekend at 2 pm est each day, but the times may be up for change.
  17. imma be that upset person, i put in those 25 days on the server for the most completion. everything does come to an end at some point tho, i was arguing that it’s a slap across the face and most ppl might wanna not try again to gain a ton of completion, but at the same time it does provide a fresh start which might encourage new players. there are definitely great points for both sides of the argument and i think the final way to look at it is that if u keep em, ur satisfying a small portion of ppl, while if u were to delete them, u might open doors for a wider range or players. if u do go thru with it tho, rip to my percentage edit: but if u do wipe everyone’s time and it doesn’t end up openin doors for new players, we all jus got finessed
  18. urpalerp

    MG Deathrun

  19. Thanks @crazedkangaroo for the amazing banner Minigames Deathrun Come swing by and enjoy the two day deathrun event. Deathrun is a game mode that involves two teams, the "Deaths" and the "Runners." The runners try to complete the map while dodging traps that the death team sets up. Where? mg.steam-gamers.net:27015 When? Saturday, September 12th @ 2 pm est Sunday, September 13th @ 2 pm est Maps: Day 1 deathrun_iceworld_v2fix_csgo deathrun_extreme deathrun_ramesses_revenge_csgo_v1 deathrun_bunker_a3 Day 2 deathrun_spy_vs_spy_zn6 deathrun_hot_desert_nf deathrun_family_guy_mgw5 deathrun_tyrone_mansion
  20. Hello everybody, after releasing the playtime event we have seen a few new faces, as well as returning ones, and figured it would be a great time to gather your feedback. The server has not been doing as good as we'd like and we were hoping to know how you feel on certain aspects of it. Please fill out this form to give us feedback! If you play often, every once in a while, or even not at all we will take your feedback as there are questions for all of you, thank you. Any and all feedback is appreciated! (Your answers will only be seen by myself and the rest of the MG team)