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Capture the Flag CSGO Style

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Capture the flag is exactly what it sounds like. The mod itself is so far from my experience with a few of the maps, completely handled by the map itself, no plugin needed to get started. Guns around the map a couple boosters like extra health and armor. The game is simple, make it over to your enemies side of the map to grab their flag, and make it back to your side with their flag before they do.


This link (https://gamebanana.com/maps/cats/8491) showcases the available maps from Gamebanana for the CTF mode. I would highly encourage anybody skeptical or curious to download the map and just play it on an offline server to get a feel for how it could be. I have played a few rounds 1v1 and even that was extremely fun, I can only imagine what it would be like with more players. Because this is relatively new to me, and I'm not sure what the correct player amount is as I haven't found a description that has this detail included. I think this could be good fun as an event server.


Please post your thoughts and again, I highly encourage you to download one or two of the maps and play them before making your final judgement.


EDIT: Also it looks like most of the credit for the CTF mod itself within the maps have been given to 3kliksphilips which IMO gives it a bit of credibility.

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