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no, it's only kos when they try and use it to kill/harm ct's


Just to back this up again. No, the noise that arms your jihad can NOT get you killed. The only way you can be KOS'd or killed with a jihad is if you use it by typing !explode . This is a common misconception among CT's which I hope fade away.

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  • Q- Can I force a T to type the jihad command or kill them if I hear it armed? Also, can I kill them if the bomb fails to explode on me?
  • A-
    You can not force a T to type the jihad command. You would essentially be forcing them to kill themselves, which is not allowed. You can not kill them for hearing the bomb arm, however if they try to explode the bomb and charge at you with it, only for it to fail, then yes you can kill them.

The official ruling found here.


You may NOT kill a T for hearing the little *beep*, which indicates to the T that the bomb has been armed, but you may kill a T, if you hear the failed detonate sound.




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