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Rocket League 2v2 Tournament

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Rocket League 2v2


@Bacon and I will be hosting a Rocket League 2v2 event. We will use the tournaments feature built into Rocket League. A 16 team bracket will be auto created by RL. All seeding and bracket placements are final.



How to Register


Launch Rocket League and invite your teammate to your party. Click Play, then Tournaments and Join Private. Enter the name Steam-Gamers and password which is 321sg. You can then register for the tournament with your duo. Please leave your Rocket League name in this post so we know who you are.




Saturday, May 4th at 6:00pm EST. If you are registered for the tournament, make sure to show up on time, otherwise Rocket League will forfeit you after a minute and 15 seconds.



The winning team will receive the Contest Winner Award



Good luck!

For those who do not own Rocket League, it is currently on sale here!


Shoutout to @Strayyz for the banner, and to @Fieldz for the suggestion!

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