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  1. Fine by me. It wouldn't be very hard to do and I agree that Tier 3s aren't much more difficult than T2s. We also have such a limited amount of T1 and T2s that it would be nice to expand the map pool.
  2. Sorry I'm late to the going away party. Thank you for all you've done for this community, BoM. o7
  3. Yeah, @Poobah usually doesn't let someone sit in first place for long.
  4. I personally like the idea of wiping map records. Similar to Dom, past game save wipes often gave me more motivation to play. I think many of the current records are set by people who don't even play our server anymore (excluding Poobah of course). I think we should definitely give it a shot. It would open a lot of new doors for the server IMO. Alternatively, should we poll the community on how they feel about the tickrate change? My reason for altering it was because I became a regular on Horizon's Surf servers and I got to meet a lot of the best surfers in the world, people who have won thousands of dollars participating in Surf competitions, and they swear by 88 tick. If the community doesn't like the new tickrate, I have no problem at all changing it back. I'm interested in doing what's best for the community and/or what keeps people coming back to SG.
  5. @Poobah will come through. He always does.
  6. Thanks to @nick for the cool banner! Hey everyone! We back with the Surf Timed Contest! To the new people, let me tell you how it works: We pick a map, and it's up to you to get the fastest time and post it here, the top 3 times will win a prize! This Month's map will be: surf_apollo (T2 L 6B) Prizes for Normal map: 1st Place: TWO MONTHS OF XBOX ULTIMATE GAME PASS + "1st Place Contest Winner" Award 2nd Place: 10000 Credits+ "2nd Place Contest Winner" Award 3rd Place: 5000 Credits+ "3rd Place Contest Winner" Award Important Note: If you get a better time and want to submit again, don't make a new post. Re-edit your post and fill out the form again. I will look at the submissions at the end of the month so there are no worries. The contest will span from 06/07/2022 - 06/30/2022. Any times posted afterwards will not count. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me on Forums or Discord Good Luck!
  7. I loved the last Minecraft server we did. Glad to see this return. Good job, Poke! MC Name is Spqceman.
  8. 06/05/2022 Fixed some missing map errors. Changed Tick Rate to 85.3 from 102.4 to mimic other popular Surf servers. Changed the name of the Surf Rotation server for testing purposes. Old Name: [SG] 24/7 Surf Rotation | 102 TICK | !ws!knife | STEAM-GAMERS.NET New Name: [SG] 24/7 Classic Surf Maps | !ws!knife | STEAM-GAMERS.NET
  9. 06/04/2022 Removed some advertisements from both servers that mentioned Tier 5 and 6 which are no longer applicable. Fixed a few advertisements that had a "�" in some spots.
  10. 06/03/2022 Easy Surf Server Added three new maps surf_apollo (T2 L 6B) surf_artois (T1 5S 5B) surf_kepler (T1 L 4B) Adjusted the end zone on surf_lovetunnel.