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  1. Date: 04/13/2021 Map: surf_mesa_revo_go Issue: I get a missing map notification when I attempt to play this map.
  2. o7 brother o7

  3. Congratulations @Nate.and @Strayyz
  4. Dreamz


    Patiently awaiting @TheZZLto leak BD secrets.
  5. Dreamz


    LMFAO. I almost forgot what day it was. Black Rain Veteran? Come on. Honorable Gamer, at best.
  6. Congrats on VP, Roux. Rest easy <3

  7. Rest in Peace, buddy <3

  8. Wow. I didn't expect to see this today. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. I can't say I knew him well but I know there are members of this community that have been hit hard by this news and my prayers go out to you, as well. Rest in Peace.
  9. Date: 2/14/2021 Map: surf_whiteout Bug: The bonus is not zoned on this map. You can access it via the teleporter in spawn.
  10. Date: 2/4/2021 Map: surf_lianfora/surf_cyberwave Bug: Both of these maps have unlimited pre-speed so the record is pretty much impossible to beat unless you bhop around the start zone for a couple minutes. Also, a couple of the newer advertisements have a question mark symbol in them due to some special characters.
  11. This obviously adds a lot more weight to the vote as it's hard to judge an applicant being recommended by those who don't really know what it takes, though this drastically reduces the pool of those allowed to vote and it may be harder to judge an admin application based on the opinions of a select few. One bad interaction with a higher staff member could be the downfall of a possible great admin. I think this should be expanded to allow Senior Administrators as they have settled into their role and now have enough under their belt to gauge the applicant's admin capability. I feel it is more common to interact with a Senior Administrator than a CA or SM which gives the player significantly more chances to make an impression and won't affect their chances as much if their interaction with the higher up is deemed unpleasant.
  12. Oh shit, I didn't even see that ZZL got it too. Congrats @TheZZL!!
  13. Congratulations, guys! Will get your prizes issued. @EpicFP, I'll message you on Discord about the custom spray