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  1. Oh shit, I didn't even see that ZZL got it too. Congrats @TheZZL!!
  2. Congratulations, guys! Will get your prizes issued. @EpicFP, I'll message you on Discord about the custom spray
  3. 11/23/2020 Added 3 new advertisements to advertise joining the forums, applying for the Streamer Team and Event Section of the forums.
  4. Congratulations, guys! All hard working and well deserving of this award. Keep up the good work!!!!
  5. 11/12/2020 Added a plugin to exclude spectators from the percentage needed to RTV. Changed the map from surf_summer to surf_cyberwave on the Monthly Timed Surf Contest vote menu option.
  6. In Game Name: Dreamz Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:520142304 Time for submission: 1:04.56 Screenshot of time: Video Submission (Optional):
  7. Big thanks to @Asher for bringing this back! Let me add: Since we don’t have awards anymore, the winner gets a custom spray on the server ;)
  8. 10/27/2020 Per @Poobahs suggestion, Limited prespeed to 350 on surf_psychedelia. Raised the start zone and end zone on surf_psychedelia. Changed the max velocity to 5000 on surf_interference. Fixed the issues with unlimited prespeed on surf_premium. Also, added a few new maps: surf_celestial surf_cannonball surf_easy1 surf_easy2 surf_mate surf_secluded
  9. Yo Dreamz can you give Acer "Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom" the game I won from the Game Giveaway 

  10. Dreamz

    New Scrim Plugin

    bump, not many people saw this
  11. Dreamz

    New Scrim Plugin

    I had to carry on in honor of @Trazz.
  12. 9/29/2020 Released a new scrim plugin loaded with new features. Announcement can be found here.
  13. Dreamz

    New Scrim Plugin

    It is evident that Scrim has been inactive for quite some time now. Ever since the anticlimactic end of SGSL Season 2. But, this isn't the end. I am proud to release a completely new Scrim plugin that has been in the works for quite some time now. This plugin is live now and is packed with new features such as leaderboards, stats, web support and much more. Web support means you will soon have access to a website with those same stats and leaderboards, as well as demos. All commands are roughly the same, except they use a '!' prefix. List of necessary commands: !ready !capt !unready !pause !timeout !forfeit !stats !matchstats !top !sub (For those of you who join after a match is live and want to watch, you can now type !sub to sub into the game should anything happen with any active players.) Another awesome feature is the new scrim plugin's Discord integration. Ever been in a Scrim lobby and just need 1 more person? You can now type !need, and a message will be sent to the Scrim Discord notifying others! If you would like to join the Scrim Discord so you don't miss an alert, you can join here. Any bugs you may come across with the new plugin can be reported here or in the #scrim-support Discord channel. Have fun! EDIT: I would like to issue a massive thanks to @kabLe for being the reason we even have access to this!