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  1. In order to close this out, it looks like this map is already on the server under another name.
  2. Dreamz

    Pick up Lines

    “I’m trying to write a book and I’m stuck on this part. Do you think you could help?” She will more than likely say yes, then you say “It’s a phone book and I need your number.”
  3. What is your in-game name? Dreamz What is your age? 21 What is your Steam ID? STEAM_0:1:520142304 Have you been a Steam-Gamers admin before? Yes Have you been banned before in SG? No If yes, please explain more about the ban(s). How many hours do you have in Squad? 0 What is your experience with Squad? Don't even have it yet. What has interested you in becoming a Server Admin? Uh. I don't know. It'
  4. Congratulations to everyone! Lets run it up!!!
  5. 9/19/2020 Removed the forcebuy weapons config. It sucked. Several rewordings and QoL changes yet again Updated to the most recent Deathmatch Goes Advanced plugin which should fix the M4A1-S ammo bug that has existed for quite some time now.
  6. Wesker and Bright? Rip. In all seriousness, I genuinely wish you the best Wesk. You’re a super smart individual and that will take you very far in life.
  7. 9/16/2020 Added damage printer. Added advertisements that cycle at the top of the screen. Changed the color of the center screen config messages to a lighter green. Reworded many deathmatch and server advertisements. Several small QoL improvements.
  8. Those mirrored maps are
  9. 9/15/2020 Added some QoL improvements such as changing advertisement wording and adding on-screen messages to indicate current config and so many more that are just tiny QoL changes. Added the weapon stickers plugin for Premium Supporter and above. I now have a Fire Serpent with 4 Titan Holos. Now if we can just add a plugin to let me sell it.
  10. 9/14/2020 Added new supporter commands Premium Supporter: sm_stickers - Add stickers to your weapon. Choose a slot and pick a sticker collection. This is your only chance to have 4 Titan Holos. sm_glow - Wallhacks basically. sm_icons - Scoreboard icons that appear beside your name. Elite Supporter: sm_tetris, sm_snake or sm_pong - You can play these games in a menu on the side of the screen. It keeps high scores and allows you to compete with other players on the server in a leaderboard. sm_paint - Type !paint and then any word (use this wisely, please) and it will paint it!
  11. 9/11/2020 Updated the Deathmatch plugin to add MultiCFG. There are currently 5 modes that rotate every 5 minutes. The current modes are: Pistols Only Headshot Only Forcebuy Weapons Deagle Only Regular Deathmatch Updated the server title to reflect these change - [SG] ★ MULTICFG FFA ★ | 128 TICK | 24/7 DUST 2 | STEAM-GAMERS.NET
  12. Congratulations on admin! Welcome to the team and don't hesitate to ask any questions!