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I had this question for a really long time but throughout playing JB I think I had figured the answer myself. (This is really dumb but here we go) I'm pretty sure that the answer will be no for this but:


Can you kill a T if they are equipped with a gun that can be only obtained by a secret?


(e.g. Picking up the P250 in vent secret in spy vs spy, the Deagle on top of vending machines near VIP cell in vipinthemix)


Just wondering and getting confirmation about this question, sorry if this was a waste of time.

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Unless they blatantly disobeys or enters a KOS zone then u shouldnt be killing them for it


the rules say


• Rebelling is when a prisoner: picks up a primary weapon, draws/equips a pistol/zeus, harms/kills a CT, breaks out of a cell, blatantly disobeys or enters a KOS zone:


KOS zones include:

- Areas or things that connect to armory (armory catwalks, armory stairs, etc.)

- SOME Teleporters (see FAQ post below)

- Armory

- Vents

- Invisible Walls/Objects/Buttons/Ladders (invisible ladders are KOS unless they can't be avoided)

- Secrets

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