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Remove this map from the server?  

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  1. 1. Remove this map from the server?

ba_jail_electric_razor_go removal

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Map Removal

Full map name


Type of map


Why should we remove it

Hey, we have 2 razor maps, the old one is barely played on so remove it please. It is not needed at all,

thank you!

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As much as I hate to say it, I'd rather this stay.

It's a good map to get people on the server.


Yes the map lacks a lot of stuff to due but this is what we had in CSS and really does focus on rebelling and such.

I think we should keep it and if you get tired of it just rtv

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Contrary to the contents of the original post, this is in fact one of our most popular maps on the server. Someone linked a pie chart above directly from GameTracker, which corroborates this statement. I'd entertain this idea if a massive amount of players came out in support of removing it, but the poll results and the map's playtime speaks for itself.



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