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  1. i think your new definition works really well Blatantly Disobeying - When a prisoner is actively trying to rebel in a way that forces CT'S ability to do their job to be a lot harder than before the blatant disobey happened. we gotta remember that this is the JB community we are talking about, if there is a loop hole they are going to abuse it. There will always going to be loopholes and there isn't much we can do about there being loopholes, but I believe this definition is WAY better.
  2. my brain is hurting already from trying to figure this out, im tapping out boys good luck!
  3. Won’t be able to play Sadge
  4. I’m actually excited for the future of SG’s expansion outside of CSGO since the Squad server was such a success
  5. yo! It’s @kabLein the banner!
  6. Error.

    Among Us Event!

    bruh you dont have a mic
  7. Error.

    Among Us Event!

    kabLe doesn't have an alibi, i say he his sus, NO ONE VOTES FOR HIM BUT SKIP VOTE AND WE LOOSE THE ROUND