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  1. It’s going good, making good grades and my school is going back 5 days a week since we are a private school and we have only had a few cases but that can change with fall break coming soon. I hope we get to stay in school because in school is 1000x better than online school from what I can imagine
  2. at this point ill go to someone who works with computers to figure out what is going on
  3. Steven is now woman? Congrats everyone!
  4. We are mere peasants compared to Scrolls
  5. Damn that sucks, but I can’t find a reason to care
  6. Tbh I only care about Campaign and Zombies and the teaser for Zombies was soooo good... monkey bombs are back, Jugg is back, nacht like map? If the opening map is like Final Reich from WW2, Treyarch can have my money
  7. This actually seems interesting, hope all goes well and can’t wait for the first post!