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ba_jail_xmf request

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I looked through this map a bit and i think it would be a good map for our server. This map is pretty big but it looks fun. There isn't many secrets in terms of pistols and teleporters but there are some vents Below there is a list of all the things you can do.


Things to do:

1. True and False game with advanced system.

2. Long jump in cage

3. Pool

4. Pool-Race

5. Wipe out

6. Jump rope

7. Box

8. Climb

9. Dark room

10. Football

11. Maze

12. Bhop

13. Death-Crate

14. Trampoline

15. Rock | Paper | Scissors

16. Color-block

Screenshots attached


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Pretty cool map. It has some features that are not on one SG JB map. Textures are not bad either, seems solid.

I can see this become one of the favorites of most maps on JB in the future.

I’d like to see what the JB community has to say about this.

It’s a yes from me.

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The map seems like it could not become boring for the players because of what there is to do on the map. Along with this, it is not incredibly complicated with tons of ins and outs, which jb regs tend to prefer over the over-the-top type maps. I could see this map doing well.

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@Dominic and I tested this map out quite a while back and we both came to an agreement that while the map has a lot of features for CTs to make Ts do, the overall layout of the map is garbage and is lacking in other departments. In a map that is very hallway reliant, they are relatively narrow and don't have any uniqueness to them as in they are just straight corridors. I personally believe this map will be a nightmare for Ts to rebel due to the layout and lack of secrets for Ts to use to their advantage. At this moment, I don't think this map would be a good addition to our server.



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