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As the Avengers Endgame event wraps up I'm pretty sad to see these skins go. However, I had an idea as maybe the community could vote for one skin from each category (V.I.P., Sub, and regular members) to stay as a permanent skin. I feel like since these are pretty amazing skins and we definitely won't have a big crossover even relating to Marvel/Avengers in a while we should make them purchasable through credits. Lots of people have bought out the shop and have extra credits lying around so I suggest these skins to be pretty pricy.


For the V.I.P. skins (Captain Marvel, Iron Man, Spider-Man):75,000-100,000

Sub (Captain America, Black Panther, The Wasp): 45,000-60,000

Members (Groot and Thor): 25,000-35,000


These numbers are obviously arbitrary and come to the admin's discretion, however, I suggest keeping them expensive/above the regular skins purchasable.


Thanks again to @Darnias , @vinyl , @Montag , and @Ned for this event.

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