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Force Death Game question

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When starting a death game, do you have to announce you are starting the death game before you do so? Such as on the Dojo map, tower climb was the order at the time (it was acceptable death game time) and midway through, a CT just started the death game by opening the glass so if they fell, they died immediately. I looked at the rules and forums and i found nothing on this, it seems to be common sense to announce death game, but since it is not written anywhere this rule is not official. I would think/suggest that you should have to announce you are forcing death game before you do so. Without announcement, there will be so much confusion and it is just plain rude to do this. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day.

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I'd say at the moment it's more polite to announce the deathgame but could be construed as intervening with the game mode when you just randomly start as all prisoners might not be ready or in certain cases not be at the start area for the deathgame which puts them as a disadvantage. It's more of a grey area as of now but the JB team is discussing how we want to approach this so stay tuned.

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