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increase in freekilling and ip ban people

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Lately I have noticed an increase in free killing. Today espiacally with mutiple people hacking with aimbot or just mass free killing for the fun . In one instant one said that he doesnt care if his account gets banned he has 3 others that he can just log on and mass free kill for fun on. So in my opinion we just need to start perm banniing people like that and ip banning them cuase there already is enough toxicity on the server

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An admin isn't always able to be on the server to prevent people from breaking the rules, but you are always welcome to make player complaints here, or use !calladmin when an admin isn't present. We have systems in place to prevent players from evading bans on alt accounts, but feel free to let a staff member know if you think someone is evading a ban. Staff members use their judgement to determine which punishments players should receive, hoping to keep good players from getting themselves banned, and giving players with ill intent a chance to learn from their mistakes. While we sometimes issue permanent bans, they are reserved for players that have consistently shown a disregard for our rules.


I appreciate your concern, as activity goes up during the summer, naturally causing an influx of rulebreakers. I can assure you that admins are looking out for you and will help when they can.

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