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While I know the events team has a steam group found here , I think some events aren't advertised as enough as they can be. Sometimes they're in the sticky, but most of the time they're in the thread that's lost between the new posts every day. I know the new website has been in the works for a while now. I was thinking if It didn't have a place for the events team to advertise their events, they should get one. It could be right next to the shoutbox (Or wherever shoutbox will me). Either way, I'd like to see a board on the front of the forums page showing the upcoming events for the server.

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Instead of there being a board on the front of the forums page which can clutter the forums, another idea could be to have both announcements as well as events on the "Home" page of the forums - either on these forums or the new forums. This way, it's prominent to those who first hit the site, but it won't clutter up the actual forums where it takes up space whenever you're browsing the forums.

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