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Server Lag and glitches

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I play on a Thinkpad t420 and my game lags sometimes. I think your server might be broken.


Seriously tho, due to the size and optimizations of our maps, as well as the sheer volume of players, you are likely to take significant performance hits compared to a 10 person mm on Dust 2 for example.

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Well first post what your PC specs are...


Second, I'm gonna assume you play zombie escape or ttt. When you're on zombie escape, the server does reach insane laggy moments, IE when we're on ze_santaassasination, with all the particles and shooting and powerup going off at the same time, the server does lag quite a bit (net_graph 1 shows the sv going wack), however an underpowered PC would also not be able to handle everything happening at once.


TLDR: It can be both server and pc lag.

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