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TTT saying "I'm a T"

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Can you kill for saying "I'm a T" or something along those lines? Since it could mean terrorist and they didn't specifically say traitor, is it still t-baiting?

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Yeah, adding on to Bdcoll, since "T" is commonly used as an abbreviation for Traitor, it may mislead players into basically thinking that you just said you're a Traitor.


Saying "I'm a T" also falls into the category of T bait also, so there's reason for someone to kill you if you say that.


This also goes for if someone calls out someone else. For instance, if I say, "ggggg is a T" or "gggg is a T no KOS", you are still stating that the person is a Traitor and therefore, it is a KOS. Even if you say no KOS, many newer players can get mixed up and kill the guy and say, "well you told me he was a T". The TTT team came to this consensus here.

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