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  1. Your tripmines are still waiting for you on TTT if you come back.

  2. good bye! we will miss you!

  3. I still expect an honorary slot in the SG Admin vote next year btw. Got to keep up the tradition of voting for myself :d

  4. Bdcoll

    Not so sure on your unban. You seem like a trouble maker to me!

  5. Mordhau Stalker!

  6. i saw you on mordhau the other day, you left before I could say hi :embarrest:

  7. Honestly the staleness of gameplay on the servers is why i dont really play right now. TTT is just a cycle of the same things to get the same results, with only the golden knife, AWP and armour really used. Buffing things like the teleporter to make it a viable option, working on the mines to make them less likely to kill teammates, fixing c4 damage through walls, swapping the matchbox out for a flaregun equivalent to give you the range + set alive players on fire etc. are all options that will give more variety in gameplay.
  8. Add into it that its the fourth of July. Most admins are American so aren't exactly going to be in a position they can jump onto the servers...
  9. Alas, that would probably be mcvillage. Seems a shame to get rid of that one as well as it itself is a good map.
  10. Have we tried doing the ritual to summon Paul?
  11. Given I was the security threat, i'd like to take partial credit for this award. Couldn't have done it without me Congrats Nishok
  12. Why just kill people, when you can make a room of hanging corpses and kill them mentally as well?
  13. Its working now. Damn you youtube and your way of showing new videos!
  14. If the video was available i would be able to tell you