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  1. Bdcoll


    Vegeta > Goku.
  2. Your tripmines are still waiting for you on TTT if you come back.

  3. good bye! we will miss you!

  4. I still expect an honorary slot in the SG Admin vote next year btw. Got to keep up the tradition of voting for myself :d

  5. Well i had hoped to write this when i had some time this coming weekend, to step down of my own accord,but it seems the decision has been taken from me so i'm writing this post now so that i can at least say goodbye to SG in the proper way i always intended to do... ---------------------------------------------------- I'm pretty sure most of you know me by now, and if you don't well you need to play TTT more! I've been with SG for over 10 years now, back in the days of ZE on CSS, with MG and PB doing great, from there i went to TTT on Gmod and played there all the time. It's there SG went through one of its darkest periods, dwindling down from 5+ active and full servers, down to just a dying Gmod TTT server, and then came the move to CSGO and ZE and the push to make that game our new home. From there its grown and grown to where it is now. It feels odd looking back at it like this, and thinking of all the good times i had on the servers. I never really player on any other server but SG, so if we add my playtime across all 3 games up, and add my SDK time in for making maps for SG i'm at nearly 5,000 hours on our servers, which is rather insane. It's 7 months playing 24/7! I've seen countless generations of SG regulars and admins come and go, some rising to the very top, other taking a turn and falling to the bottom. But always each generation bought their own style of fun and enjoyment to the server, from the early days playing with Ripperz in ZE, Anguish and Extreme in TTT, Shark in PB and more recently proving to Eden that "Can't Kill Bdcoll" means that you can't kill me! Which i suppose does lead into why i'm leaving. Some of you might have noticed me playing less and less recently. I've become rather tired of playing on SG servers. Playing the same gamemode constantly will do that to you, but a big part of it was the admin side. I had admin for over 5 years, and through all that time i rather enjoyed keeping order on the server. But over time it became more and more of a drag, until the last 6-7 months it felt like playing on SG was no longer fun, but a job i had to go in and do. I had hoped playing undercover might have helped out, but you TTT guys are sneaky at calling us undercover admins out! and i never could resist the urge to smite down any RDMer's blowing my cover. So back at that start of July i started taking a break from CSGO/SG. I had hoped taking the time away would bring back my desire to play on SG to have fun, but sadly it hasn't. Which has led us to here I won't list everyone i've ever played with to thank or to say goodbye to, theirs way too many of you and i'd hate to forget someone and for them to feel left out. But i honestly want to say thank you for all the good times i've had playing on these servers. I've made a lot of good memories and friendships here. Maybe one day i'll be back, maybe i'll even use my mic for once, but for now goodbye Can't Kill Bdcoll!
  6. Bdcoll

    Not so sure on your unban. You seem like a trouble maker to me!

  7. Voted for myself again. Here i come wall of shame
  8. Bdcoll

    El Paso mass shooting

    Fortunately in our European nanny states we dont run the risk of being shot for simply going to the shops or going to school... And look what happened there, still no gun control, still mass shootings, still fuck all happening to stop it. Its almost as if Americans are happy with mass shootings happening every week in their country...
  9. Bdcoll

    El Paso mass shooting

    Although you skip the bit where theirs a pretty clear political objective by the El Paso killer, who drove that far to purposefully kill hispanics, whilst putting out a alt-right statement for his killings, and spelling out Trump's name with his guns... But sure, keep believing politics wasn't an issue here...
  10. Bdcoll

    El Paso mass shooting

    Yet another mass shooting in America... And lets not forget, the SECOND mass shooting in Dayton today... I'd say maybe its time to sort out your gun laws, but lets be honest, nothing is going to happen, and this will keep on going, and going, and going, and going...
  11. Ah the wall of shame calls to me @Korean Ninja
  12. No, that still means your a traitor and you can be killed for it.
  13. Bdcoll

    Donald Trump

    Dont forget the bit where he didnt even mention the white male members who arent from the USA.
  14. Bdcoll

    Donald Trump

    Its not putting the country down if your pointing out the glaring problems in the country that need to be addressed...
  15. Mordhau Stalker!