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-Rebelling is when a prisoner: picks up a primary weapon, draws/equips a pistol/zeus, harms/kills a CT, breaks out of a cell, blatantly disobeys or enters a KOS zone:


-CTs cannot harm Ts unless orders are not being fulfilled or they're rebelling.


By rule, CTs CAN kill the Ts even if they do bait into their knife, as it is harming a CT. Baiting is generally taboo for a CT. The CT will generally get in trouble if they abuse this.

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Yes, even if it's against the rules, in the heat of the moment if a CT is baiting a T and the T knifes, damages them, or does something which would be a blatant rebel, then yes the T can be killed. However, if an admin sees this, the CT will be punished accordingly.


Question answered, thread locked :d

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