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We chill with it? What's the deal.

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Are we going to ignore the fact there is a 2nd baldur and 2 more BotShroud accounts? If action is already being taken or they're making a ban appeal I don't see why they haven't been banished the shadow realm yet

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I don't see the concern about two accounts (both of which could be someone else named bot-shroud without having to do anything with the actual player) that haven't connected respectively for 27 and 14 hours. I'll calm you down by banning one of the two.


As for baldur, he's not permed anymore, I don't see the issue with the account


If you ever find yourself in distress after seeing "freefuze48" or "insidappeal559" please use the private message feature of our website to unlock the ability to contact one of the forum moderators (preferably AT+!). You can also post another thread like this one to acquire 5 thanks (or more!)




edit: @vinyl had forgotten to unban the og baldur account, that's fixed now

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