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Add more course maps to minigames

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Such as







It seems more players are on the mini-games sever when course maps are on, many players enjoy the difficulties and the satisfaction of completing the map. It also helps players with movement so they can get better at the game.

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Just to add to this, I dont think we need more course maps. The amount we have, I think, is fine, but I do think it needs some revising. The current pool of maps does get stale and a refreshment of different maps would be beneficial to the server. Maybe bring back the montly course event or the timed course events. Also would like to see a plethora of longer maps like 100 traps or bob_2.

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I agree with Andrew, I believe we already have enough course maps and I would really like to see some more variation to it, like some more actual mini game type maps, including soccer, climb, surf, ect.. just overall fun games!

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Adding more course maps to the server isn't a hard no, however Im not going to add any course maps that are bad in quality and could possibly kill the server easily. I would like to keep a relatively small pool of these types of maps while focusing more on diverse maps like multigames that differ round to round.


Regardless, if you have any map suggestions, you are more than welcome to submit them in the appropriate subforum (https://www.steam-gamers.net/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=197), and any server suggestions in the minigames subforum (https://www.steam-gamers.net/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=213).

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