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  1. When tf did yall retract the ruling for racial slurs on the servers? I don't remember a single post about that, and the pinned post in announcements states that "light jokes are ok, but use of the hard R is strictly prohibited". If this isn't the case then yall gotta update your pinned posts so there isn't confusion about what the current rules are. I don't actually care what the rule is behind this, but it seems to have changed with little or no communication to the community, unless i missed a major announcement thread. I appreciate you telling me this is where the banned words list is, but it simply isn't. If you read the actual post this list is from you find: containing the list you posted above, followed by: Which shows no mention of a "Bannable Words" list, as it was mentioned earlier in the post that it was going to removed since "We all know what should and should not be on that list". There is no current public display of a Bannable Words list, and if you're following one then there should be public mention of it, and it should be consistently updated with new words you decide to add to it, so people who don't view those words as offensive, or only use them in a friendly, joking manner, know that they shouldn't be used at this community. The best place to put it would probably be under the Guides section alongside the Forum/Discord rules, and while you're at it, you should add a ban policy section as well, because there's no reason for the ban times to be private information. It would allow users unfamiliar with this community to know if they were punished for longer than they should have been. Again, if you look in the pinned post of Ban Policy & Racism: Your stance was exactly as it is now, it was never allowed to break the rules in private channels, it was just said that if you do do it, you better hope nobody in the channel reports you.
  2. I don't think banning a specific word is the right way to go about this. There are other words that are viewed to be the same level of disrespect with very similar meaning, eg. "dyke, homo, etc"(a quick google search can find you these). You may be banning these words through your "(along with any variation of this)", however that is not explicitly stated and therefore there is argument against their being banned words. My problem here is not that offensive words are being banned, but the fact that a specific word is being cherry picked to be banned because it is used more commonly than other words. If you're taking a stance against this type of language you should be banning every word that has similar meaning. The biggest problem I have with the ban on this word is that SG allows the use of racial slurs on its platforms(and btw, I see no rule against using these slurs under the forum rules). Unless it got changed recently without me knowing, SG has been taking of the stance of allowing potentially offensive words to be used, but judging punishment based upon the context of the conversation in which it is being used. Friendly banter is very different than targeted harassment, as I expect everyone to know by now. These types of words should fall under the same ruling as racial slurs do, in that we can ban them in text form on the forums and discord and wherever, but allow the use in voice conversation and the servers, with punishment relying on the context of the conversation. One last thing with this paragraph, you mention this word will be treated like any other word on the banned list. I can not find the banned list anywhere, if someone would kindly direct me to where that is, that would be helpful. To my knowledge it was actually removed a year ago via the post quoted below. However, you state that banned words list is still active, and with this word being hard banned on all platforms, its probably best to have a public display of banned words to this degree. Just want to actually thank you and the board for finally clarifying this on a public level. I have explained it in the past to people who have argued "If the channel is locked, I can say whatever I want and its not against the rules". Its good to have a place I can point them to for the official stance on that ruling.
  3. @BoMstill waiting on my promotion to marketing team
  4. but how many of yall still in the steam groups from 2018? i know i still got that TeamZE group from back in the day
  5. Teamspeak looking good guys! Too bad we only had a saved version from 2018
  6. Don play with my feelings like this
  7. Black Rain deserves member, change my mind btw @BoMyou forgot my marketing team promo ;)
  8. 13 January 2021 Role Selection Changes Renamed #role-selection to #roles under the [Information] category Moved game roles to a new channel called #game-roles under the [Games] category This helps specify the area to find access to game-specific channels and makes navigating #roles easier Removed Squad server roles from #roles Squad based pings have mostly been reliant on the Squad game role, so having the server roles was redundant Be sure to check out our squad discord at https://steam-gamers.net/servers/discord/ Information Changes Fixed some inconsistencies in the #information channel panels to reflect recent/older changes in the community/discord Game Changes Added new game channels and roles, including #warcraft-chat and #league-chat for WoW and LoL respectively Removed #fivem-chat as the channel and role were not being used
  9. ZE members getting MoTM/SoTM again? POG! Lets keep the streak going boys! Congrats to all of you btw, you deserve the recognition for your hard work
  10. 17 November 2020 Role Selection Changes Added Call of Duty role to #role-selection For all you gamers we added a COD role and channel to talk about all your gaming needs! New User Changes Added a captcha requirement for new users joining the discord New users will have to complete a captcha sent to them in DMs. This should help alleviate the troll/spam/bot accounts from joining the server
  11. In-game name: dedicated simp (im not putting the random capitals) Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:104902296 Time for submission: 1:13:17 Screenshot of time:https://gyazo.com/4fd82a647cd002ee45418a3a6d2eb985 Video Submission (Optional):
  12. Technically wasn't john first, making you second?