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What if it was a fd order?


I think despite the order given, using a cell teleporter would be KOS:


  • Q- Are all teleporters KOS?
  • A-
    For the most part yes. However, it has become a common trend for some teleporters to exist on maps that just can't be avoided. For example on jb_clouds, the only way to leave main cell area and go to the rest of the map, is to take a teleporter. In that case, the teleporter would be not KOS. Another common example is the teleporter on climb in spyvsspy. The teleporter simply takes you from the bottom of climb to the top, and is very easy to accidentally fall into. While the vast majority of teleporters will be KOS, there will likely be some that shouldn't be. The main issue with teleporters, is they typically teleport you away from the CTs in a way that makes it hard to keep track of you. Use common sense to determine if that teleporter should be KOS, and if in doubt ask here.


The teleporters in cells are avoidable and not necessary and are mostly used to rebel. Seems pretty clear to me given the above spoiler that those would be KOS.

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