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  1. Provide a short summary of the bug. Spawns me in the wall in dust 2 Please explain the bug in detail, including reproduction steps. Play retakes on Dust 2, like, right now, and youll spawn in the wall. Also, can you guys like, make the gun permanent, like when you do !gun, make it permanent so we don't have to keep switching it. What device are you using? Laptop I've looked at the other bugs open and this bug hasn't already been reported. Yes I understand that this bug is not an exploit (does not give me access where I shouldn't have access, does not give me access to private information). Yes
  2. Give me this free money.
  3. Try me bitch. Me and chy are going to get on yo ass.
  4. All ts target ZZL. Here's a tip for admins, check all the secrets, because @chyis 1000% not in his cell. Also, I'm targeting you @splayd.
  5. I’m reading your visitor message history and it’s kinda GEI.

    Kenyy’s weird.

  6. How are you still existing

  7. Signed by the one and only Dickvine <o/

  8. Greatness Personified.

  9. hi amazing you are fat?

  10. Whitelist Me! My IGN is thgilnooM (Moonlight Backwards) Whitelist Night Light Night Light's IGN is zeqro Let him play for 1 event, he goes way back with a not so much great history, but, he won't do anything wrong. Side Note: It's finally time we get to see events out of steam! Keep it up ; )