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  1. Congrats Retard @Astral Fuck you @Dom Congratz to everyone else.
  2. no : D, make this the most liked reply on the forums : D
  3. Divine

    The List

    ZZL - Monkey so no Steven - Monkey so no Drippy - Yes Yes Maniac - Yes Yes
  4. Regarding Minecraft: ~ [SG] Party Games {Hypixel} ~ [SG] UHC {Hypixel} ——> Lots Of People Just An Idea: [SG] SkyBlock Guild {Hypixel} Regarding CS:GO: ~ [JB] Protect The President ——> Add In Trump Player Model ~ [TTT] Karma Event ^ PlEaSE dO thEsE! ^
  5. Congrats to both of you faggotrons
  6. I will participate
  7. I’d be down, would it be something like scrims? And like @Mace said, 2-3 teams. Team JB : D
  8. Divine


    Purple bacon, not right color for bacon, orange bacon better.
  9. I’m reading your visitor message history and it’s kinda GEI.

    Kenyy’s weird.

  10. Divine


    My week’s been fine, but it could have been better. I really have no purpose in my life right now. Only good thing is it’s my Grandfather’s birthday today.
  11. How are you still existing