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jb_millenium_lega request

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This map is decently small, however has lots of fun minigames and deathgames. It has its medic under armory, and the rest of the map is really only reserved for minigames. The two secrets I've found so far (and probably the only ones) are the vents systems and a P250 in the bathrooms under armory. The main thing that makes this somewhat unique is the single-large-cell that all the T's spawn in. The vents are extremely apparent in their cell, so the CT's would need to get their act together quickly. I think this map could go many different ways, so we'd just have to try it out.


Also, all the buttons and console notifications are in a foreign language (Some European language I think).

Climb Race

Four Corners (I can't get it to work)

Strafe Jump

Pool Race


Jump Rope

Glass-Break Race



Three Corners?





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I would love to see a smaller jb map be added as the size of most jb maps are needlessly big on alot of them as you rarely change up orders something different would be better to shake up the jb scene

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With jailbreak being so hectic and is pretty much always populated I think this is a pretty good map considering it’s size. Personally I believe it is a well balanced map for CTs and Ts. It has newer deathgames and some newer Minigames on the side that our server has not seen yet that could spice some things up. I think that it has potential to be one of the more played maps of the server. Maybe even competing with Electric razor or vipinthemix.

I might be overhyping it a little bit but maybe I ain’t.

All I hope is that the community will enjoy the map as a whole.

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